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Английский. Санкт-Петербургский Государственный Университет Аэрокосмического Приборостроения.

Английский контрольная

1.1.    Translate the text.

At our school there are two hundred students from forty countries. There are twelve students in a class, twenty classrooms and thirty teachers.
Our school building has got three floors: a ground floor with a cafe and a kitchen, a cloakroom, two toilets and a long light corridor. There are many wide windows along the corridor with beautiful flowers on the walls and window-sills.
Our cafe is a small room with several tables and chairs. There is also a bar and a fridge for ice-cream and others things. There are beautiful curtains on its windows and flowers on the window-sills.
The first floor is with our classrooms, a laboratory and a gymnasium. In each modern classroom there are tables, chairs, a blackboard and a cassette player. There are two self-study rooms with computers. Our big gymnasium is quite well-equipped with different things. It's a very large and light room with high ceiling and wide big windows.
There is a library, two self-study rooms and some classrooms on the second floor. Our library has got many good and very interesting English books to read and other materials for study: magazines and newspapers. There are also several portraits of famous people and scientists on the walls in this room. In the middle of the room there is a big green carpet on the floor.
There is also a car park outside the school building.
There are five girls and seven boys in my class. Two people are from Italy, three from Brazil, five from Japan, one from Russia and one from Greece. We are very friendly and have much in common. Ann and Olga are rather tall and Helen, Nina and Dorothy are of medium height. All our boys are slender and have good sense of humour. It's a very international class!
1.2.    Read the following statements and decide if they are true (T) or false (F).

1.    At the International English School there are students from forty countries.
2.    There are thirty teachers at the Oxford School.
3.    The International English School in Oxford has got three floors.
4.    There is a cafe and a kitchen, a cloakroom, two toilets and a long light corridor.
5.    The cafe is very large.
6.    There are no computers in self-study rooms.
7.    There are a lot of good and very interesting English books to read and other materials for study.
8.    The gymnasium is not equipped.
9.    There are no newspapers in the library, but there are some magazines.

1.3.    Complete the conversation with his, he's or he.
A:    Hello, Sally. What's your boyfriend's name?
В:    ... name's Robert.
A:    Where's . from?
В:    ... from the USA.
A: What's . job?
B:    ... an actor.
A:    Is . good-looking?
B:    Yes, ... is. Look at the photo.
A:    Oh, .   great! You are lucky!
1.4.    Complete the following sentences with a, an, the or - .

1.    This is .   teacher and those are . students.
2.    ... yellow scarf is her uncle's.
3.    Andrew and William are . clerks.
4.    Lucy's uncle is . teacher.
5.    She has got .   cheese and bread.
6.    .   personal stereo is on . table.
7.    Is there ... TV in ... bed-sitting room?
8.    What is .   most beautiful place in . world?

1.5.    Write out the nouns, which have only singular form.
Waiter, money, driver, calendar, hair, student, business, architect, fruit, aunt, parent, progress, waitress, advice, information, fox, bench, diary, news, knowledge, party, furniture, housewife, handkerchief, luggage, peace, tooth, goose, analysis, tomato, love.
1.6.    Complete the following sentences with the right possessive form of the nouns in brackets.
1. What is her name? (the sister of Jane). What is . name?
2.    Where are they from? (the parents of your new boyfriend) Where are ... from?
3.    Is she a housewife? (the mother of Dan) Is ... a housewife?
4.    He is not at all intelligent. (the teacher of Ann andMargaret) Is not at all intelligent.

1.7. Make special questions to the words in bold, as in the model.
Model: My first name is Eugene. (What?) What is your first name?
1.    Ann's markers are in her bag. (Where?)
2.    My sister is the most intelligent in our family. (Who?)
3.    He has got a new bicycle. (What?)
4.    There are five people in our family. (How many?)
5.    This book is the most interesting. (What / Which?)
6.    Jack has got a lot of problems. (Who?)
7.    His house is in the suburbs of New York. (Whose?)

1.8. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb to have (got).
1.    How much money ... you ... on you?
2.    When he was young, he ... a lot of hair, but now he ... .
3.    I think we ... a new flat next year.
4.    '... you ... your own computer?' 'No, I ... .'
5.    We ... a lot of money in 2006, but now we ... .
6.    My aunt ... good sense of humour.

1.9. Fill in the gaps with some, any, much (many), a lot of.
1.    There are .   accidents on this road.
2.    There is not .   beer in the bottle.
3.    Are there .   taxis in the street?
4.    How .   languages are there in the world?
5.    There are not .   students in our group.
6.    Is there .   money in this bag?
7.    There is .   snow in the street.

1.10. Point out the words which are both adjectives and adverbs.

1.    quick    late    slow    fair
2.    young    strong    modern    hard
3.    old    good    early    large
4.    fast    short    cheap    tall
Английский контрольная.