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Control work

Control work

Unit 5. Company information. Comparing sales figures.
Text 1.
Read and translate fashion retailer’s report on sales.
Global Retail Group. Sales Report.
We sold a larger quantity of our more expensive items. This was because we had a wider variety of suits and dresses in stock for the Christmas party season. Cheaper items also did well but items in the mid-price range were more difficult to move and sales were lower than in October.
There was a large increase in sales of darker colors such as black and navy blue. Red and green were more popular than in October. Overall, sales in November were better than sales in October but worse than last year when trading conditions were easier. We hope to see an improvement in December.
quantity количество
expensive дорогой
cheap дешевый
wide широкий
variety разнообразные
in stock в наличии, продаже
mid-price range по умеренной цене, средний уровень цен
low низкий
increase увеличение
trade торговля
improvement улучшение
improve улучшать
condition условие, обстановка
trading conditions условия для торговли
to hope надеяться
Ex. 1
Copy out a comparative form of the adjectives.
Образуйте сравнительную степень прилагательных:
1. nice –
2. dark –
3. expensive –
4. comfortable –
5. safe –
6. good –
7. fact –
8. slow –
9. big –
10. beautiful –
11. easy –
12. bad –
Text 2.
Read and translate.
Comparing countries.
A company is planning to open new subsidiaries around the world and collecting statistics. These are some facts in English language.
Russia has the highest rate of inflation and Japan has the lowest. The rate of inflation in Thailand is higher than Italy but lower than in Argentina. Workers in Geneva receive the highest wages and workers in Hong receive the lowest. Parisians receive less wages than New Yorkers but more wages than Athenians.
rale уровень
rale of inflation уровень инфляции
to receive получать
wages заработная плата рабочих
Answer the questions.
1. Which country has the highest rate of inflation?
2. Where do workers recieve the highest wages?
3. Who recieves the lowest wages?
Complete the sentences below, using the adjectives given in brackets as in example
Ex. The USE has the biggest area per person (big).
1. Japan has _____ living area per person (small).
2. New York is _____ city to live in (cheap).
3. Tokyo is _____ city to live in (expensive).
4. Moscow is _____ city in Russia (big).
Complete the questions with the superlative form of the adjective indicated.
1. What’s the _____ thing in your life (important)?
2. What’s the _____ thing in your life (stressful)?
3. What’s the _____ time you start work in the morning (early)?
4. What’s the _____ time you finish work in the evening (late)?
5. When is the _____ time of day to have a meeting with colleagues (good)?

Unit 6. Company History and Life Stories.
Language review – Past Indefinite. Tense Passive Voice
1.Here are the base forms of fifteen verbs. Write in the past tense forms:
become more sell
begin meet get
a quire set found
die be cross
agree go buy
Text 1
Read and translate this article about two famous men. Learn the words and expressions.
Henry Royce was born in 1863 in Petersborough. Charles Rolls was born in London in 1877. Royce was the son of a miller and Rolls was the son of an aristocrat. Royce began to work at the age of ten. He sold newspapers for a few months, then got a job as an apprentice engineer with YNR, one of the railway companies in Britain. A few years later he moved to London and worked for an electric company. In 1884 he was made redundant and he founded his own company. Royce sold dynamos and other electric devices to factories and cotton mills. He became rich and bought his first car. It didn’t work very well so Royce decided to produce cars himself. At the same time Charles Rolls was a student at Cambridge university. In 1890s he went to France and bought his first car a Peugeot. In 1902 he started his own company selling cars. At the same time he was a champion driver and the following year he set a new world speed record. Rolls loved cars but he really wanted to have his own name on a car and in 1904 he met Henry Royce. They agreed to set up the Rolls-Royce company. Two years later the company produced the Silver Shadow. The same year Rolls crossed the English Channel by hot air balloon. He loved speed. Unfortunately four years later he died in a flying accident. Royce continued producing cars. In 1931 Rolls-Royce acquired another company Bently. Royce died in 1933 at the age of seventy.
miller мельник, мукомол
apprentice engineer инженер-стажер
to make redundant уволить (в связи с сокращением)
cotton mill фабрика, перерабатывающая хлопок
to acquire приобретать
1. Are these sentences true (T) or fulse (F)?
a) Royce was older than rolls.
b) Rolls and Royce were students together at Cambridge.
c) Royce set a world record in 1903.
d) Rolls died before Royce.
e) Rolls-Royce was bought by Bently.
Answer the questions.
1. When was H. Royce born?
2. When did he begin to work?
3. Where did he move?
4. Who did Royce work for in London?
5. What year was he made redundant?
6. When did he found his own company?
7. What were the company activities?
8. Why did Royce decide to produce cars himself?
Ask some questions about Charles Rolls.
Make passive sentences using the verbs in brackets, as in example.
Ex. Electricity (discover) in the 1880. Electricity was discovered in the 1880s.
1. H.R. Royce (found) in 1884.
2. Rolls and Royce (be born) in the nineteenth century.
3. Rolls-Royce (create) in 1904.
4. The R-R Silver Shadow (produce) in 1906.
5. A new world record (set) in 1903.
6. Rolls (kill) in a flying accident.
7. Bently (acquire) in 1931.
Make questions for these answers.
1. He was born in Peterborough. Where …
2. He was made redundant in 1884. When …
3. Bently was acquired in 1931. What year …
4. He was killed in a flying accident. How …
Read the text and make passive sentences.
1955 - Ray Kroc opened his first restaurant in Illinois. He bought the name from two brothers called McDonald.
1963 - Ray Kroc started advertising on TV.
1965 - The company moved to New York and its head office was on Wall Street.
1967 - Kroc opened his first restaurants outside the US in Canada and Puerto Rico.
1968 - Kroc launched his most famous product, the "Big Mac”.
1979 - The company introduced a new idea – the "Happy Meal” a special manu for children.
1984 - Ray Kroc died.
at the start of 90s - The company opened its restaurant in Belarus, the hundredth country to have such a restaurant.
1995 - McDonald’s, acquired the Italian fast food chain Burghy.
1996 - The company opened restaurants in Moscow and Peking

Unit 7. Giving news about company’s Recent Results.
Language Review:
Present Perfect Tense
Would you like
Ex. 1.
Read and translate the sentences.
1. The rate of unemployment increased to 7% in July.
2. Interest rates decreased by 2% in April.
3. Consumer spending rose by 1% in March.
4. Inflation went up from 7% in December to 12% in January.
5. The production of oil fell in May.
6. Sales to Spain remained steady last year.
7. Distribution costs stayed at $ 1,500,000.
rate of unemployment уровень безработицы
interest rates процентные ставки
consumer spending уровень потребительских расходов
costs, spending расходы, затраты
go to
stay at
go down
remain steady
Complete the sentences about the company figures. Use a preposition to, from, by, at.
1. Sales stayed ___ 8000 in October.
2. She number of employees decreased ___ 500 people in September.
3. Wages rose ___ $ 1.2 m ___ $ 1.35 m in August.
4. Debts to the suppliers fell $ 0.5 m in the last quarter of the year.
5. Customer complaints decreased ___ 20% in February.
Study the table and write sentences describing rises and falls in the company’s figures.
Market Stare__________________-1%
The number of new contracts_____-6%
Earnings from investments_______+4%
Productivity ___________________+1.5%
Spending on advertising__________+10%
Staff turnover__________________-8%
Text 1.
Read and translate the text. Study the figures and do exercise that follow.
Consolidated Profit and Loss account.
Bianko Manufacturing PLC has just published its annual profit and loss account. Read, translate and learn the words.
2000, $ m 2001, $ m
Home Sales 189 175
Export Sales 181 191
Total Sales 370 366
Cost of Sales (254) (255)
Gross Profit 116 111
Distribution Costs (17) (17)
Administrative Costs (35) (30)
Profit before Tax 64 64
Tax (23) (22)
Profit after tax 41 42
Dividend (36) (34)
Retained Profit 5 8
Profit & Loss account отчет о доходах и расходах
home sales отдел внутренних продаж
export sales экспортные продажи
cost of sales сырье + производство
gross profit валовая прибыль
distribution costs транспортные расходы
administrative costs управленческие расходы
profit before tax прибыль до уплаты налогов
profit after tax прибыль после уплаты налогов
tax налог
dividend дивиденд
retained profit прибыль, удержанная от распределения – отчисленная в резерв
Ex. 1.
Find the answer to the questions given in the first column in the second column.
increase увеличиваться в объеме
go up выросли
rise подняться, повыситься
decrease уменьшаться в объеме
go down понизить, понижаться
fall упасть, падать
to change меняться, изменяться
1. What happened to the Home Sales this year?
2. What happened to the import sales this year?
3. What happened to the cost of sales?
4. What about gross profit?
5. What happened to the distribution costs this year?
6. What about taxes?
7. What about profit before tax?
8. What about administrative costs?
gone up
They have decreased
It has gone down
It hasn’t
Text 2.
Read and translate an extract from CEO’s report to the shareholders.
Dear Shareholders,
Your company can look back on a year of unprecedental success, in which we far surpassed our ambitions goals.
Heading the list of outstanding achievements was the record result of EUR 3.4 billion in net income after taxes, an increase of more than 80 percent over the previous year. Dramatic growth was a further highlight of the year. New orders rose by 20 percent and sales climed by 14 percent. As a result we are increasing the dividend from EUR 1.00 to EUR 1.40 and we are distributing an extra dividend of EUR 1.00 per share. In addition we are offering our shareholders a one-time oppotunity to buy shares at a 50-percent discount to market value.

Unit 8. Lending and Borrowing.
Text 1.
Read and translate the dialogue.
A So, Mr Kwoan, you'd like to buy a flat?
B Yes. that's right.
A And how much would you like to borrow from us?
B I need a loan of £45.000.
A And what's the price of the flat?
B It's £65,000, including all the costs.
A And what about the rest of the money?
B That comes from personal savings.
A So, you have £20,000 In personal savings to invest.
B Yes. that's right.
A And when do you want to pay back the loan?
B Well, over fifteen or twenty years. It depends on the monthly repayment.
A Well, let me see.... over fifteen years the repayment would be £420 a month, and for twenty years. It would be £390.
B I think I prefer fifteen years. What interest rate can you offer?
A At the moment, the rate is 6.6%.
B OK. A Just one more question, Mr Regan. What's your monthly Income?
B It's £625 after tax.
A £6251 And does your wife work?
B No, she doesn't work at the moment - we have two young children.
B Ah.... I think we may have a little problem here, Mr Regan.
to buy покупать
to borrow from занимать деньги где-либо, у кого-либо
a loan заем
price (n) цена
to include включать
cost расход, затрата, стоимость
personal savings личные сбережения
to invest инвестировать, вкладывать деньги в ч.-л.
to pay back the loan выплачивать долг, заем
to depend on зависеть от чего-л.
monthly repayment ежемесячная сумма погашения долга (выплат по займу)
interest rate процентная ставка
monthly income ежемесячный доход
Ex. 1.
Match the word with its meaning.
1.borrow a) доход
2.price b)сбережения
3.income c)заем
4.savings d)выплачивать, возвращать
5.loan e)процентная ставка
6.repay f) стоимость, цена
7.intevest rate g)занимать
Text 2.
Read and translate the text. What are the five ways of borrowing money?
Borrowing money.
Most people who have a problem with cash flow phone the bank and ask for an overdraft. It is quick and easy? But it is not always sheap Lloyds Bank, for example is currently charging 18.8% per year plus a monthly fee of £ 8.
Instead of an overdraft, why not arrange a personal loan? An overdraft is really a short-tesm measure for one or two months, but a personal loan is often a better idea because the repayments are structured over a pre-arranged period. Lloyd Bank Charges customers an annual percentage rate of 16.7% and £ 1.000 loan over 12 months.
If you see something you want in the shops, there is usually not time to ask your bank for a loan, so you can use a credit card. Buying on credit is expensive, but there are some good offers. The favourite at the moment is the Save and Prosper card, with APR (annualized percentage rate) of 13.9%.
Customers with incomes of more than 25,000 can benefit from gold charge cards. There are not credit cards, but payment cards for shops and restaurants, etc. They are useful if you want a large sum of money quickly, but the amount you borrow must be repaid at pre-arranged date. The annual cost of the Midland Gold service is £ 70.
Store cards are generally more expensive than offer credit cards, and can only be used in the shops which offer them. Marks and Spencer customers currently pay an APR of 22.4%.
borrow from занимать у кого-либо
cash flow overdraft to charge 18.8% кредитная ставка в 18.8%
monthly fee ежемесячная плата за обслуживание
a personal loan частный заем
to structure the repayment распределять выплаты по заему
a pre-arranged period заранее оговоренные сроки (фиксированные сроки)
an annual percentage rate годовая процентная ставка
credit card кредитная карта
to buy on credit покупать в кредит
an offer предложение
to save сберегать, хранить
prosper процветать
payment cards annual cost карта для оплаты товаров и услуг
currently в настоящее время
to invest money in инвестировать деньги во что-либо
to lend давать взаймы
pay back возвращать заем
to pay for платить за что-либо
salary оклад, зарплата
to be worth стоить
to spend on тратить на что-либо
to earn зарабатывать
to make a profit получить выгоду, доход
to owe быть должником
I owe you быть обязанным
to afford иметь возможность позволить себе чего-либо
to make a loss терять деньги, терпеть убытки
Ex. 1.
Answer the questions about the text.
1. Which card company or bank has the highest interest rate?
2. Which card company or bank has lowest rate?
3. For which card company is there no interest rate?
Ex. 2.
Read and translate. Match the first half of the sentences (1-6) with the second (a-f).
1. If I send you £ 50, a) I can make a profit, when I sell it.
2. If I borrow £ 100 from you and then pay back half, b) I owe you £ 50.
3. I don’t earn a good salary c) I can’t afford expensive holidays.
4. If I sell my house for less than I paid for it d) I can save some of it for when I’m older.
5. If my house is worth more than I paid for it, e) you must pay me back later.
6. If I don’t spend all the money that I earn, f) I make a loss.
Text 3.
Read and translate the text. Use a dictionary.
Angel Investments.
Angel investments plc (AI), is based in Warsaw, Poland. Is provides finance for start-up or young companies which need capital to develop their business. AI is run by a group of extremely rich people of various nationalities who made their fortunes in the computer and financial services industries. They enjoy the excitement of working with start- ups and small companies, and believe that Central and eastern Europe offers outstanding opportunities for investment. They are willing to take risks and back projects which seem unusual or extraordinary. However they also expect to make money, usually by taking a stake in the business or a share of the profits.
A team of AI investors is currently considering several proposals. After hearing presentations from individuals and companies, AI will decide which projects it will invest in, and how much money it will give to each one. They have $ 5.5 million to invest in the projects.