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Деловая переписка на английском языке

Контрольная работа «Деловые переговоры.
1. Письменно переведите письмо с английского  на русский язык:
Dear Sirs
Thank you for your letter giving us details of the products we enquired about.
The main item we are interested in is the kitchen unit listed in the catalogue under the heading CM214.
Please let us know what your terms of trade are. Could you also tell us if you are able to offer discounts on the price for a large order? We would also be grateful for samples of all materials used in the manufacture of your units.
I am looking forward to your reply.
Yours faithfully
Jack Simon
II. Поставьте фразы в нужном порядке, чтобы получить связное письмо:
Dear Sirs,
1) We thank you for your letter and
2) As to the price
3) We are sending our
4) are pleased to give you all the particulars
5) that the prices for these goods are going up
6) samples by separate mail.
7) concerning the purchase of Chipboard from us.
8) we cannot agree with you that it is high.
9) on the world market and
10) However, as we hope to establish
11) a 5 percent discount.
12) goods are of superior quality
13) Yours truly…
14) close business relations with you we could grant you
15) in our General Terms and Conditions.
16) All other terms are stated
III. Заполните пропуски соответствующими глаголами, переписав письмо:
1. have not arrived 5. found 9. was torn
2. have contacted 6. received 10. were damaged
3. have not had 7. showed
4. have informed 8. unpacked
C. R. Mendez S. A.
Avda. del Ejercito 83 E-48015 Bilbao
The Sales Manager 15 October 20…
Seymore Furniture Ltd.
Tib Street
Berks. SL6 5DS

Деловая переписка на английском языке
Dear Mr. Harrison,
I am writing to complain about a shipment of office furniture we _______ yesterday against our invoice no. G 3190/1.
The crates ________ on the outside, and looked as if they had been roughly handled. When we _______ them, we ________ that some of the chair legs were bent and rusty, and the fabric on the seating ________, or _________ signs of wear.
Two further crates from the consignment __________ yet, so we ________ the opportunity of inspecting them. I ________ the shipping company that we cannot accept this consignment from you, and they ________ your insurers.
As we will be unable to retail this consignment in our stores, we are returning the shipment to you carriage forward, and we shall expect a full refund.
Yours sincerely,
C. R. Mendez
Managing Director
IV. Переведите следующий диалог:
Mr. Carrington: Good morning, Mr. Belov.
Mr. Belov: Good morning Mr. Carrington. Will you take a seat, please?
Mr. Carrington: Thank you.
Mr. Belov: Would you like some coffee?
Mr. Carrington: Yes, please. Well, Mr. Belov, we’ve received your draft contract. It’s quite acceptable, but I’d like to clarify some points.
Mr. Belov: What are they?
Mr. Carrington: First of all, I must say your CIF terms of delivery don’t suit us.
Mr. Belov: Do you want to have FOB terms?
Mr. Carrington: That would be much better.
Mr. Belov: I think we will be able to change the terms of delivery. But I’ll have to contact my people and discuss this matter with them.
Mr. Carrington: That’s fine. And now let’s get down to the delivery dates. They aren’t quite suitable.
Mr. Belov: We are able to deliver the equipment within 10 months from the date of signing the contract.
Mr. Carrington: Oh, but could you reduce the delivery period to 8 months? It’s very important.
Mr. Belov: I think we can arrange it and you won’t have to take part deliveries. By the way, would you like to visit our manufacturing plant and see the equipment in operation?
Mr. Carrington: With pleasure.
Mr. Belov: Then one of our engineers will meet you at the hotel at 10 tomorrow.
Mr. Carrington: That will be fine. Thank you. See you tomorrow.
Mr. Belov: Good-bye, Mr. Carrington.
VI. Поставьте реплики из диалогов в правильном порядке:
– Have you seen it in operation?
– Yes, we’ve sold it to many firms abroad.
– Yes, we have. Is this model for export?
– Yes, we’ve just seen your display. Your latest model of equipment is excellent.
– Have you been to our pavilion?
– Have you signed the contract yet?
– Yes, we have finished the modifications and are going to deliver the equipment.
– Not yet. We are still discussing the prices.
– Yes, that problem was settled not long ago.
– Have you studied the manner of payment?
– I hear you are having talks with a delegation from Spain.
– When will the equipment be tested?
– Yes, certainly.
– Any time.
– When can I visit your manufacturing plant?
– Can you make arrangements for that day?
– I think, next Monday.