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English work. Комсомольский-на-Амуре Государственный Технический Университет.

English works

Решение контрольных.

Variant II

1.1. Translate the text.
The Department of Engineering is the largest department in Cambridge and one of the leading centers of engineering in the world. Renowned for both its teaching and research, the Department's aim is to address the world's most pressing challenges with science and technology. To achieve this aim the Department collaborates with other disciplines, institutions, companies and entrepreneurs. Cross-linking themes are fostering new connections. A major development program within the Department's strategy will create new academic posts, studentships and a complete regeneration of the central site. This last project will bring the site to a standard commensurate with the Department's international standing, make its teaching and research transparent to all, and embody its latest ideas in design, materials and sustainability. The Department's teaching, research and infrastructure will together demonstrate the value of engineering excellence by translating intellectual achievement into practical progressive action of benefit to all.
Since its foundation in 1875, the Department of Engineering has grown to become the largest department in the University and the largest integrated engineering department in the UK with 132 faculty, 195 contract research staff and research fellows, nearly 600 research students, and over 1000 undergraduates.
Growth throughout its history has been consistently strong. For instance, between 2001 and 2007, research expenditure more than doubled, the number of contract research staff nearly doubled, and the number of research students increased by over 40 %. Rapid growth has been coupled with greater integration through the development of cross-linking themes and stronger connections with other disciplines, as demonstrated by a six-fold rise in the Department's share of expenditure on grants jointly held with other departments.
In 2007, Cambridge achieved the highest ranking of any institution outside the USA in the broad field of engineering/technology and computer sciences according to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Academic Ranking of World Universities.
The aim of the Department is to address the world's most pressing challenges with science and technology by:
•    attracting and retaining the best engineering academics in the world and the support staff necessary for success;
•    securing the brightest engineering students and teaching them to the highest standards;
•    working in collaboration with other disciplines, other institutions, companies, and the entrepreneurial community.
Решение контрольных.

1.2.    Answer the following questions.
1.    What department is the leading center of engineering in the world?
2.    What project will make the department's teaching and research work transparent to all?
3.    How does the Department of Engineering demonstrate the value of en-gineering excellence?
4.    What will a major development program within the Department's strategy create?
5.    When was the department founded?
6.    How many faculties are there at the department?
7.    Why has the growth of the department been consistently strong?
8.    What did the department achieve in 2007?
9.    What are the main aims of the department?
10.    Would you like to study at the Department of Engineering? Why?
Why not?
Решение контрольных.

1.3.    Put the words in the right order, as in the model.
Model: never / be / late / for / the lectures. / I I am never late for the lectures.
1.    often / Mary / meets / friends / at a cafe. / her
2.    goes / He / to the cinema / on / Saturday night. / always/
3.    in summer. / We / on picnics / sometimes / go
4.    Jim / for work / never / before 8 o'clock. / leaves
5.    usually / Carla / dinner / on Sundays. / cooks
6.    Bob / on Saturday. / not have / lectures / usually
7.    he / What time / Kelly / wake up? / always
8.    Jane / how / not know / to ski.
9.    you / What / do / usually / in the evening?
10.    have / David / free time? / often / English works
Решение контрольных.
1.4. Complete the following sentences with the present simple, present progressive or the past simple form of the verb in brackets.
1.    Excuse me. I ... Professor White. (look for)
2.    'Where is Helen?' 'She is in the kitchen. She ... a cake.' (make)
3.    Fred always ... with his colleagues in a cafe. (have lunch)
4.    My parents ... tomorrow morning. (arrive)
5.    Andrew ... from the university and ... to London in 1996. (graduate; move)
6.    I am sorry but I ... his telephone number. (not know)
7.    Cambridge University ... during the 13th century. (start)
8.    We usually ... much time for lunch. (not have)
9.    The academic term in Britain's universities .   from the beginning of October to the middle of December. (run)
10.    I always drive to work but yesterday .   the bus. (take)
Решение контрольных.
1.5.    Complete the following sentences with the present perfect or
present perfect progressive form of the verb.
1.    Barbara ... in brackets for her seminar for two weeks. (practice)
2.    She ... a lot of delicious dishes for the party. (cook)
3.    For the last few years Thomas .   on his research work. (work)
4.    Angela .   since she was twenty-one years old. (drive)
5.    Laura ... to our new laboratory yet. (not be)

7.    Andrew is taking part in the conference next week. He .   a very interesting report. (prepare)
8.    Angela has never left Oxford. She .   there for six years. (live)
9.    She .   as an engineer for the Microsoft Company since 1998. (work)
10.    We .   the laboratory works yet, but we are going to do it tomorrow.
(not pass)

1.6.    Fill in the gaps with since, for, just, already, yet.
1.    I haven't seen my grandparents ... three years.
2.    Have you read the book I gave you last week . ?
3.    Janet hasn't called me back ... .
4.    I haven't spoken to Terry ... Friday.
5.    We have .   finished eating our dinner.
6.    Have they returned from the world trip . ?
7.    Sally has ... passed her summer exams, so she may be free till the end of August.
8.    Joe has wanted to be an artist ... he was a student of the Art school.
9.    Vanessa has been talking to her boyfriend ... two hours.
10.    Pete has ... cleaned the house and done the shopping but he hasn't
washed the dishes . .
Решение контрольных.
1.7. Fill
in the gaps with the correct preposition.
1.    My name is David and I am a student .   the International College of Finance . Brighton.
2.    I did a lot .   work this morning, so I decided to go .   bed early.
3.    School leavers have to take entrance examinations . History, Literature and a Foreign language.
4.    The students .   the 11th grade passed the examinations .   good and excellent marks.
5.    According .   statistics the number .   university students .   our city is the biggest.
6.    The department .   telecommunication devices is one .   the oldest ones .   the university.
7.    There are a lot ... education establishments ... Russia: schools, colleges, gymnasiums and universities.
8.    A powerful energy .   this device is very important .   our experiment
9.    The faculty .   management and finance is one .   the most prestigious .   the university.
10.    Every morning Ann has a light breakfast as she wants to be .   a good
1.8. Write the correct question for the following sentences, as in the model.
Model: - I met a lot of interesting people at the conference. (Who) - Who did you meet at the conference?
1.    We have been living in Madrid for three years. (How long)
2.    Kelly goes to the gym three times a week. (How often)
3.    The authorities of the faculty do their best to build new rooms and la-boratories. (Who)
4.    Steve is talking about his last weekend. (What)
5.    I have never been to Egypt because I don't have enough money. (Why)
6.    Nancy always gets up at half past eight a.m. (What time)
7.    When I was younger I used to do gymnastics. (Which sport)
8.    Molly is playing with her children in the garden. (What)
9.    Lilly was listening to music when I phoned. (Who)
10.    I am tired because I have done a lot of housework today. (Why)
1.9.    Choose the best variant and complete the following sentences.
1.    'Did you clean your room?' 'Yes, I ... .'
a) did    b) do    c) does
2.    Mr. Green ... have his own apartment.
a) use to    b) am used to        c) used to
3.    'Do you walk to the university?' 'No, I ... walk to the university.'
a) always    b) often    c) never
4.    Rachel .   the piano when her grandfather arrived.
a) was playing   b) is playing    c) has been playing
5.    Jim was having a bath when Angela . home.
a) was coming   b) comes    c) came
6.    I .   my friends from England next weekend. a) was visiting   b) am visiting        c) visit
7.    I graduated from the College of Finance two years ... .
a) later    b) ago    c) yet
8.    Have you been .   for Samsung Company since 2004.
a) work    b) worked    c) working
9.    Moscow state university .   a lot of specialties.
a) is offering     b) offers    c) is offered
10.    Yesterday Sue ... a letter from Tom.
a) received        b) was receiving     c) was received
11.    Which countries the university cooperate with?
a) did    b) is    c) does
12.    .   has Mr. Bright been running computer business?
a) When    b) How long    c) How often
13.    She .   in London. She lives in Milan.
a) doesn't live    b) don't live    c) isn't living
14.    I haven't seen Henry ... we graduated from the university.
a) for    b) already    c) since

1.10.    Complete the following sentences about yourself.
1.    I ... in the evening.    6. I used to ... any more.
2.    I .   last summer.    7. I have never . .
3.    I ... at the moment.    8. When I was younger, I ... .
4.    I ... many times.    9. Yesterday at 8 a.m. I ... .
5.    My parents .   now.    10. I have been .   for . .