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Контрольная по английскому. Московский государственный университет сервиса.

TASK №5 (R6-1)

Read the text and answer the questions


People who come to Britain for the first time find some of the customs new and interesting. The English do not shake hands each time when they meet. When you go to a friend’s house for a meal, it is not the custom to say "Thank you” at the end of the meal as in most European countries. Here you wait until you are leaving to go home and then you thank your friends for their invitation.

Very few people, even people with quite a lot of money, have servants in their homes. It’s very difficult to find a servant and to find a good servant in even more difficult. They also want too much money for their job. So families do most of the housework themselves, and husbands usually work as much as wives. Most of the housework is done on Saturday mornings or afternoons when nobody works. Заказать выполнение  данной контрольной работы. 


1.      What do tourists find strange in Britain?

2.      When do you usually say "Thank you” if you have a meal at a friend’s house?

3.      Do you rich people have servants?

4.      Do wives do most of the housework?

5.      Why do people do their housework on Saturdays?


TASK №6 (U7-4)

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. There is only one mistake in each sentence. The mistakes can be in grammar, spelling or vocabulary.


  1. I like reading because is interesting.
  2. The house is very quite in the evening
  3. Her brother is two years younger than she.
  4. We are going in Italy on holiday.
  5. My grandma sent a postcard me.
  6. Everyone was enjoing the concert.
  7. I don’t like girls with blonde hairs
  8. On Saturdays I’m usually play football with my friends.
  9. Would you like to visit a old town?
  10. They bought a ticket, than they saw a film.


TASK №7 (T7-1)

Translate the sentences


  1. Она читала книгу, когда пришла сестра
  2. Вы часто играете в баскетбол?
  3. Мы побывали у моря
  4. Где был куплен этот журнал?
  5. Я все вам расскажу, если найду свои записи
  6. Они уже уехали, не так ли?
  7. Она заперлась в комнате и не хочет выходить
  8. У меня мало денег, я не могу это купить
  9. Можно мне задать вопрос?
  10. Здесь не так жарко, как в той комнате.


TASK №8 (u11-8)

Read the text and choose the answer (a, b, c or d) that best fits each gap.


The Importance of Learning Languages

Once a little mouse, who was not on very good term with cats (1)_____ all mice, decided to give herself a treat of cheese. To do this she had to cross over to (2) ______ side of the kitchen where the table was. She (3) ______ the cheese was there because she could feel its wonderful smell. But there was a small problem. The mouse wasn’t sure if there were any cats in the house. She certainly wouldn’t like to run the risk of (4) _______ so she sat inside the wall near the mouse hole and listened.

It must be (5) _______ that out mouse was not an ordinary one. She was sort of gifted and she had some logic. She (6) ____ to think twice before doing something to avoid unpleasant consequences. That was (7) ______ she didn’t hurry.

At last she heard someone barking. The mouse thought, " It must be a dog. Dogs don’t eat mice, end cats don’t (8) ___ live, where dogs are. It means I can get to the cheese (9) ___ safely”. That was absolutely logical.

But to the mouse’s greatest surprise as soon as she got out of the mouse hole she was attacked by a big cat and eaten in (10) _____ time. The (11) ___ is that it was cat who was barking. "Indeed, knowing foreign languages can open new possibilities and give you a wider picture of the world,” said the cat to himself and made off (12)________ a bird’s song.


1.       a) as                                        b) with                                 c) like

2.       a) other                                   b) the other                          c) another

3.       a) felt                                      b) knew                                c) smelt

4.       a) being eaten                         b) be eating                          c) be eaten

5.       a) notified                               b) suggested                        c) mentioned

6.       a) had been taught                  b) was taught                       c) had taught

7.       a) because                               b) why                                c) as

8.       a) usually                                b) never                              c) always

9.       a) enough                                b) quite                               c) so

10.   a) any                                      b) some                              c) no

11.   a) thing                                    b) point                              c) idea

12.   a) murmuring                           b) murmured                     c) murmur


TASK №9 (R8-4)

The parts of following text are all mixed up. Put them in the right order.


(A) So captain threw a different cat into the water. The sailors told him that a ghost cat would be following him all his life because he had killed a black cat.

(B) Once he got into the captain’s cabin and killed the captain’s favourite bird that in the cage. When the captain found it out he was really angry.

(C) Satan was a friendly black cat who lived on the ship. All the sailors loved him very much although he was very naughty and lazy.

(D) He didn’t know it was Satan who had escaped from the place where the sailors hid him. The captain was scared to death as he saw that his sailors’ words were true.

(E) Of course he didn’t believe them because captains rarely believe in ghosts. But one day when the captain was on desk he heard a mewing of a cat.

(F)  He decided to throw the cat into the water. But when the sailors learned that, they hid Satan and caught another black cat which looked exactly the same.


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