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Контрольная работа по английскому языку

Лексический тест
Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответов, наиболее подхо-дящих по смыслу.
1. If your letter is chosen.
2. Traditionally the country has to produce some manufactured goods for ex-port … import additional foodstuffs.
a) in order to;
b) that’s why;
c) instead of;
d) thanks to.

3. The main items of Japanese export are high-tech … such as computers and computer programs, modern automobiles, high quality machinery and equipment.
a) things;
b) points;
c) products;
d) sets.

4. The Belgians greatly depend on world … .
a) models;
b) weather;
c) markets;
d) manufactures.

5. Nowadays people can easily … with each other by means of the Internet.
a) communicate;
b) deal;
c) shake hands;
d) be polite.

6. For many developing countries the US assistance meant economic … .
a) unemployment;
b) independence;
c) dependence;
d) environment.

7. Self-sufficiency can be ensured by the government … of large nations but it’s impossible for more dependent nations.
a) policies;
b) polititics;
c) polititians;
d) political.

8. The United States has sought to maintain its economic … through a policy of protection.
a) Ability;
b) Security;
c) Probability;
d) Activity.
9. The USA is an example of a country with a … market economy and strong economic fundamentals.
a) free;
b) unrestricted;
c) exotic;
d) enormous;

10. Some countries of Eastern and Southern Europe have recently … the Euro-pean Union, while others are planning to do it in near future.
a) enjoyed;
b) joined;
c) founded;
d) left.

11. Since 1999 the euro has been used in foreign trade … by the countries which joined the euro-zone.
a) transactions;
b) contracts;
c) letters;
d) bills.

12. Economists think that the single currency will increase trade … as well as labour mobility in the euro-zone.
a) demonstration;
b) corporation;
c) integration;
d) preparation.

13. In order to attract new… it is important to advertise new goods and services both in national and international markets.
a) investors;
b) money;
c) partners;
d) customers.

14. We need a rather large … of paper so that we can continue printing.
a) amount;
b) account;
c) price;
d) example.

15. I would be … if you could visit our factory and give us a quotation for the cost of repairing the machine.
a) grateful;
b) forgetful;
c) beautiful;
d) meaningful.

Грамматический тест

1. If you require any further information, you … contact me directly.
a) can;
b) must;
c) have to;
d) are to.

2. I thought you … be interested to hear about a new amplifier that we are pro-ducing.
a) can;
b) may;
c) might;
d) have to.

3. Education is being financed … subsidies or scholarships.
a) by;
b) with;
c) by means of;
d) with the help of.

4. Technologies are becoming … and demand for education.
a) complex;
b) complexer;
c) more complex;
d) the most complex.

5. The university has raised the level of … .
a) teach;
b) teaches;
c) teaching;
d) teacher.

6. My father has just … new job.
a) find;
b) finds;
c) found;
d) finding.

7. People of every nation try to achieve as high level of … as possible.
a) life;
b) living;
c) lives;
d) lived.

8. They can ensure economic security only if they effectively with other peo-ple.
a) cooperate;
b) cooperated;
c) will cooperate;
d) would cooperate.

9. … business a manufacturer should buy the necessary means of production.
a) start;
b) starts;
c) started;
d) starting.

10. A plane … known as the quickest means of travel to the farthest places on the earth.
a) is;
b) are;
c) was;
d) have been.

11. Would you like …with us again?
a) stay;
b) to stay;
c) stayed;
d) staying.

12. It is … in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
a) make;
b) makes;
c) made;
d) making.
13. … I get you something to drink?
a) Can;
b) Must;
c) Am;
d) Have to.

14. What did you … of quality of food?
a) think;
b) thinks;
c) thought;
d) thinking.

15. First steps to globalization … by establishment of common market in 1993.
a) makes;
b) made;
c) were made;
d) have been made.

1. Прочитайте текст. Сделайте письменный перевод контрольной по английскому.
2. Выполните задание к тексту: заполните правую колонку таблицы, назовите соответствующее средство оплаты. В своем ответе вы можете использовать один из предложенных вариантов: cash, cheque, bill of ex-change.
Means of Payment

The work of bank centres around money or advice about financial services. The immediate service offered by banks is the receipt for deposit of coins, notes and cheques. Coins and notes have the status of «legal tender» so they must be taken in payment of a debt although it’s not so convenient.
The most common means of payment, particularly for significant sums of money, is the cheque. However, it is not legal tender and creditors can refuse to accept it if they wish. Normally cheques are readily negotiable if the bearer has some means of proving its identity and the creditor can be sure that the cheque will be «honoured». To assist the use of cheques banks now provide their customers with banker’s cards which, when used in association with a cheque, will guarantee it up to a stated maximum. If a customer wishes to make payments of large amounts of money by cheque and is not known to the creditor, then he may obtain a «certified cheque» from his bank.
Those trading overseas, or in conditions where there may be a sig¬nificant time lapse between sending out goods and their receipt by the customer, may use a Bill of Exchange as a means of payment. This is really a post dated cheque which assures the creditor payment but also gives the buyer opportunity to inspect the goods before the transaction is completed. Those whose credit standing is unknown may have to get the Bill «accepted» before a creditor will take it.

Characteristic trait Means of payment
It may be used with a banker’s card Cheque
It assures creditor the payment
It gives an opportunity to test the goods before the end of a transaction
It’s legal tender
It’s safe but inconvenient
It may be certified
It’s mostly used by merchant banks
It’s post dated
Creditors may refuse to take it
It may be accepted

Контрольная работа по английскому языку.

Напишите письмо (только английский вариант) своему деловому партнеру, поблагодарите его за помощь в организации конференции и сообщите о дате и месте предстоящих переговоров. Письмо должно со-держать логотипы и адреса обоих компаний, дату, приветствие, вступи-тельную, основную и заключительную части, а также прощальную фразу и подпись с указанием должности.