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контрольная работа по английскому языку

Контрольное задание
I. Переведите слова  контрольной работы по английскому языку на русский язык, определив часть речи каждого из слов.
1. to analize (to analyse) — analysis — analyst
2. to provide — provider — providable
3. to compete — competition — competitive
4. to finance — financial — financing — financially
5. busy — business — businessman
6. monopoly — to monopolize — monopolistic

II. Поставьте глаголы контрольной работы по английскому языку, данные в скобках,  в Present Perfect Tense и переведите предложения на русский язык.
1.    Electronic money (to turn) out to be a solution in search of a problem
2.    Some retailers (to join) to form their own wholesaling organizations.
3.    In recent years managers (to begin) to realize that reducing the costs of physical distribution activities is another key to improving productivity.

III. Переведите предложения контрольной работы по английскому языку на русский язык, обращая внимание на модальные глаголы, подчеркните их.
1. Some information cannot be obtained through observation
2. Qualified business must prepare financial statements showing current earnings, property owned or leased, and financial obligations.
3. Franchise directors need a sound background in finance and marketing.
4. The marketers must clearly identify the market segments to which they are appealing.
IV. Подчеркните Participle I и Participle II и установите функции каждого из них, то есть укажите, является ли оно определением, обстоятельством или частью глагола сказуемого. Переведите предложения контрольной работы по английскому языку на русский язык.
1. The first truly national union was the Knights of Labor, founded in 1869.
2. Industrial workers of the nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries discovered that the Industrial Revolution produced a more sinister impact on their lives.
3. The local union is a branch of a national union, representing union members is a given geographical area.
4.  A joint venture, another type of partnership, involves two ore more parties forming a temporary business for a specific undertaking.
V. Поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках, в Present Indefinite (Simple) Passive и переведите предложения на русский язык.
1.    Effective development of agriculture directly (to connect) with the solution of social
2.    Cost (to determine) by the value of the materials used, plus expenditure on equipment,        power, wages and so on.
3.    Personal economic interests (to reflect) in wages and bonuses.

VI. Письменно переведите текст контрольной работы по английскому языку, используя словарь. Составьте 3 общих и 3 специальных вопроса к тексту.

    Retailing is selling goods and services to the ultimate consumer. Thus, the retailer is the most expensive link in the chain of distribution. Being middlemen, they make their profit by charging the customer 25 to 100 per cent more than the price they paid for the item.
The retailers operate through stores, mail-order houses, and vending machine operators. There are different types of retail sores: department stores, discount houses, cooperatives, single line retailers. The major part (over 95 per cent) of retail establishments concentrate on a single line of merchandise for example, food, hardware, etc. but nowadays there is a trend for many single line stores to take on a greater variety of suppliers.
The retailers performed many necessary functions. First, he may provide a convenient location. Second, he often guarantees and services the merchandise he sells. Third, the retailer helps to promote the product through display, advertising or sales people. Fourth, the retailer can finance the customer by extending credit. Also the retailer stores the goods in his outlet by having goods available.

Active vocabulary.
retailing —        розничная торговля
ultimate consumer —    конечный потребитель
mail-order house —    посылторг (оператор) торговых автоматических машин (продающих
мелкие товары: газеты, сигареты и т.д.)
discount house —    магазин с относительно низкими ценами на товары, розничной
торговец, продающий какой-либо один товар
to perform functions —     выполнять функции
extending credit —        длительный кредит
outlet —            рынок сбыта, торговая точка
discount —        скидка