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Контрольное задание

Контрольное задание

для студентов и слушателей заочной формы обучения по дисциплине

Настоящее задание для студентов заочной формы обучения по курсу «Деловой иностранный язык», ориентировано на лиц, которые владеют английским языком в пределах нормативной грамматики и базисной социально-бытовой лексики, а также для самостоятельного изучения.
Данный курс позволяет сделать первые шаги в сфере делового общения, овладеть необходимым минимальным запасом профессиональной лексики.
Вашему вниманию предлагаются следующие уроки:
• «Ваше интервью»,
• «Ваше образование»,
• «Ваша работа»,
• «Ваша компания»,
• «Ваши Обязанности»,
• «Люди, с которыми Вы говорите»,
• «Звонок по телефону»,
• «Сферы бизнеса»,
• «Бизнес – глаголы»,
• «Бизнес – предлоги».

Работая с данным курсом, рекомендуется использовать различные пособия англоязычных стран, современные российские учебные материалы, словари.
При подборе заданий были использованы материалы следующих учебных пособий: «Test Your Professional English. Business: Intermediate», «Test Your Professional English. Business: General».

1. Your interview – Ваше интервью.

Заполните интервью недостающими глаголами из таблицы.

achievement approach get good know learn
like look for motivates offer plan sort
strengths tell weaknesses work

1 ___Tell___ me about yourself
2 Why should we __________ you the job?
3 What is your major __________?
What are you __________ at?
What __________ of person are you?
6 What are your ________ and ________?
What do you _______ about our organization?
8 How would you ________ this job?
9 How do you ________ things done?
10 What do you ________ in a manager?
11 What ________ you?
12 Do you like to ________ in a team or on your own?
13 What do you ________ best about your current job?
14 What did you ________ in your last job?
15 How long would you ________ to stay with this company?

2. Your education – Ваше образование.

Мария Гарсия рассказывает о своём образовании. Вставьте слова из таблицы в рассказ. Следите за временами.

apply degree graduate (verb) grant higher degree
job option PhD place primary school
thesis secondary school stay on study subject

1 I started at primary school in London when I was five.
2 At the age of 11, I went on to ___________ , also in London.
3 At 17, I ___________ to university.
4 I got a __________ at Manchester to __________ Engineering.
5 But at the end of the first year I changed to another.
6 I __________ from university in 1997.
7 I have a first-class ___________ in Economics.
8 I decided to _____________ at university.
9 So I did a ______________ in Business Administration at the University of California.
10 During the course, I did an __________ on small business development
11 I found the topic so interesting that I applied for a _________ to do a doctorate on the same subject.
12 Once I had got the money, I had to write a 50,000-word _________________.
13 So now I have a BA, an MBA and a ___________ .
14 All I need now is a __________ !

3. Your Job – Ваша Работа

Вставьте необходимые предлоги.

1. Olga Blanc is in computers.
2. She has been working _____ a big computer company for five years.
3. She is based _____Paris.
4. She works _____ the external communications department.
5. At the moment she is working _____ the design of the company’s website.
6. She is responsible ______ the development of an important part of the site.
7. She is very interested _____ Website design.
8. She depends _____ the web and on personal contacts for new ideas.
9. She spends one or two hours every day on the Web getting information _____ all the latest developments.
10. She is happy because there is a big demand _____ good website designers at the moment.

4. Your Company – Ваша компания

Заполните предложения словами из таблицы

Company competitors customers employers leader products
Profit Share shareholders share price subsidiaries turnover

1. I work for a company called Kwikshoe.
2. Our main _____ are sports shoes.
3. Kwikshoe is a world _____ in the tennis shoe sector.
4. It has a national market _____ of 23%.
5. It has 2,500 _____ in this country.
6. It has seven _____ in five different countries.
7. Its main _____ are young people and people who do sport.
8. Its main _____ are un Britain and in the USA.
9. Its main _____ are banks and pension funds.
10. Its _____ last year was $1.2 billion.
11. Its _____ last year was $16 million.
12. Its _____ today is $57.

5. Your responsibilities – Ваши обязанности

Заполните пропуски контрольной предлогами из таблицы.

after in on out to with

1 I head _________ the marketing department at Power Enterprises.
2 I report directly ______ Mr Power himself.
3 I look ______ a department of about 30 people.
4 I deal ______ all the major aspects of the company's marketing strategy.
5 I liaise ______ the other members of the management committee.
6 I listen carefully ______ what our customers say.
7 I handle ______ one or two of the major accounts myself.
8 I'm working ______ a very important account at the moment.
9 I also monitor _____ the general situation in the market place.
10 We carry ______ market surveys regularly.
11 We test ______ new products on groups of consumers.
12 I am also involved ______ one or two of Mr Power's takeover projects.

To talk about the person above you in the organization, you can also say / answer to Mr Power.
To talk about your colleagues, you can also say.
/ work with Marcelle Joubert and Jesus Degas.

6. The people you talk to - Люди, с которыми Вы говорите.

Boss Chief Executive Officer colleague customer director investor leader
manager opposite number (owner) shareholder supplier
Выберите слово/ фразу из таблицы и закончите предложения.

A) My name is John Power. Power Enterprises belongs to me. I’m the (1) owner. I also manage the company myself. I’m the (2) _____ .

B) I’m John Power’s sister. I sit on the Board of his company. I’m a (3) _____.

C) I’m Mr. Power’s secretary.
He’s my (4) _____.

D) I hold equity in this company.
I am a (5) _____.

E) John Power is a friend of mine. I have put some of my own money into Power Enterprises. I’m an (6) _____.

F) I buy things from this company.
I’m a (7) _____.

G) This company buys things from me.
I’m a (8) _____.

H) I’m the head of a team in the technical department.
I’m a team _____.

I) I have lunch everyday with the woman at the desk next to mine.
She is my (10) _____.

J) I’m the marketing director of Power Asia Pacific. Jim Poom is the marketing director of Power Europe.
He’s my (11) _____.

K) I work for Power Enterprises. I head a department of about 50 people.
I’m a (12) _____.

7. Telephoning – Звонок по телефону.

Персонал компании неправильно употребляет предлоги. Помогите им с английским языком.

back down off on through up

1 Just a minute while I look through his number in the company phone hook.
look up
2 I'm sorry I can't talk to you now. Could I call you down in five minutes?
3 I'm trying to get off to Mr Schmidt. Could you give me his extension number?
4 I need to take up his name and number.
5 Сould you hang back a minute while I get a pen
6 I was talking to Mrs Bazin when we were cut up.
7 Please could you put me down again?
8 I’ve been trying to talk to her all day but every time I call she hangs down.
9 The phone rang and I picked off the receiver straightaway
picked ______
10 I'm sorry, I don't have this information right now. Can I get up to you tomorrow?

8. Business Sectors – Сферы бизнеса

Соотносите ниже перечисленные компании с областями их деятельности (a-w)

1. A company which makes aspirin. a automotive
2. A company which mines diamonds. b construction
3. A company which makes men's suits. с consumer electronics
4. A company which sells package holidays, d financial services
5. A company which makes trucks. e confectionery
6. A company which distributes electricity. f software
7. A supermarket chain. g telecommunica¬ tions
8. A company which builds houses. h media
9. A company which makes washing i pharmaceuticals machines.
10. A company which sells hamburgers. j beverages
11. A company which makes camcorders. k textiles
12. An airline. l toiletries
13. A company which makes fighter planes. m real estate
14. A company which makes shampoo. n transport
15. A restaurant chain. o utilities
16. A newspaper publisher. p household goods
17. A company which sells things over the internet q retail internet.
18. A company which makes mobile phones. r fast food
19. A company which sells investment. s catering advice.
20. A company which makes chocolate. t defence
21. A company which makes beer. u e-commerce
22. A property company. v tourism
23. A company which writes computer programs w extractive

9. Business verbs 1 – Бизнес-глаголы

Выберите три соответствия (a,b,c,d). Внимание: одно не подходит.
1 DO a) business b) a profit
c) a job d) a deal

2 MAKE a) money b) business
c) a loss d) a decision

3 TAKE a) a long time b) a decision
c) appropriate measures d) a deadline

4 HAVE a) progress b) something to eat
c) shares in a company d) a meeting

5 MEET a) a deadline b) customers' expectations
c) an appointment d) a target

6 LAUNCH a) a product b) a ship
c) a campaign d) a team

7 CUT a) costs b) jobs
c) a decision d) a price

8 CARRY OUT a) a meeting b) duties
c) research d) a market survey

9 ACHIEVE a) progress b) a breakthrough
c) a job d) little

10 REACH a) a decision b) a strategy
c) an agreement d) a target

10. Business prepositions – Бизнес - предлоги.

Вставьте предлоги в предложения. Предлоги могут использоваться более одного раза.

at between by in into on to over under

1 Could you call back later? She's on the other phone.
2 It's not surprising that he's working less hard. He's very close retirement.
3 They thought everything was ______ control until they had a
big dispute ______ pay.
4 There's clearly a strong link ______ pay and productivity.
5 The people on the shop floor want more participation ______
the decision-making process.
6 We need a much stronger focus ______ the needs of our
7 These meetings always start late. Could everyone make an effort to arrive ______ time next
8 I've divided this talk ______ three main parts.
9 It's impossible to say ______ this stage ______ the
negotiation whether or not we will reach an agreement.
10 We have to have all the figures ______ the end of the month
______ the very latest.
11 We plan to achieve a 20% reduction ______ the workforce in
the next two years.
12 I'm afraid she's not here - she's ______ holiday until next Monday.