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1. Vocabulary and Grammar Exercises.

1. 1. (5 x 2 points) The Officer Manager has written a memo and has asked you to check it. In each line there is one wrong word. For each line 1-5, write the correct word in the space.

Example: Your letter should be neat written.               ….neatly…

To all office staff
Sending faxes

In future all faxes must be sent directly from a PC. Under the
1.    old system, a fax had to be print. You then took it to the fax
2.    machine. Next, you entered the destination number, and during
3.    the fax was being sent, it was necessity to wait to collect it, and
4.    finally to file it. All this resulted for a waste of time and resources.
5.    Note: staff who do not have a modem attaching to their PC can still
send faxes using the internal network.


1.2. (10 x 1 point) Read this letter written by a reader to the Secretarial Times magazine. Choose the correct word to fill each gap, from А, В or С below. Write your answers (letters A, B or C) in the boxes.

The Editor
Secretarial Times

Dear Editor

In our company, people below senior manager level usually type their own letters. I am shocked when I see the letters __(1)__ go out to potential customers: letters which are squashed into the top quarter of the paper, letters full __(2)__ bad grammar and spelling mistakes, letters beginning "Dear Sir" and ending "Yours  sincerely" __(3)__ of "Yours faithfully", and so on. The trouble is that many typists today are just as bad. I am not a typist, I am a secretary. But, __(4)__ my job title is "Secretary", I __(5)__ about 60% of my time actually__(6)__. In other words, I am often treated as nothing more __ (7) __ a mere typist (and paid accordingly). Having worked __(8)__ a secretary for the past 25 years, it is __(9)__ late for me to change now, but I would suggest to anyone who is thinking of training __(10)__ become a secretary - think again!

10.    A
A    what
for    B
B    which
to    C
C    who

1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10

1.3. (4 x 1 point) Are the following sentences right or wrong? If wrong, correct them.

1.    If we had taken a loan two years ago, we could have secured our market position.
2.    As long as interest rates remain high, banks are eager to find new business.
3.    If the economy would remain stable, it would help industry.
4.    If we would have known the scale of inflation, we could have reduced our running costs.

1.4. (5 x 2 points) Complete the following text by adding appropriate words or phrases. Translate the sentences into Russian.

so as not to    in order that    so that    in order to    for

1.    _____ a new building to be a success it has to be the right design.
2.    _____ understand design objectives it is necessary to consider the ultimate function.
3.    We have chosen the best architects _____ we can be sure of good results.
4.    They are preparing sketches _____ we can consider their basic ideas.
5.    The architects explained some principles about materials _____ leave us confused.

1.5. (5 x 2 points) Combine the following pairs of sentences using the subordinating marker shown. Translate the sentences into Russian.

Example: More people own computers. The number of manufactures has gone down. (while)
 More people own computers, while the number of manufactures has gone down.

1.    ABC is a small engineering company. It makes pumps. (-ing clause)
2.    The recession hit the building industry. At the same time we saw our orders declining. (when)
3.    We cut back on the workforce. However, this was not enough to protect our position. (although)
4.    We saw the benefits of introducing a quality system. Then we started a project to investigate the advantages ourselves. (after)
5.    We needed to improve quality. That's why we asked the production line workers to contribute suggestions. (because)

1.6. (8 x 1point) Match each verb on the left with a noun on the right to form common partnerships. Use each word once only. Write your answers (letters a, b … or h) in the boxes.

1.    annual    a)  conference
2.    early    b)  credit
3.    extended    c)  dismissal
4.    limited    d)  enterprise
5.    natural    e)  liability
6.    occupational    f)  pension
7.    private    g)  resources
8.    unfair    h)  retirement

1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8

1.7. (8 x 2 points) Complete each sentence with the opposite of the word in brackets. Choose from the following list. Use each word once only. You must use the correct form of the verb.

accept    demolish    gain    reject
succeed    withdraw    impose    attack

1.    He's    _______ my recommendation. (ACCEPT)
2.    They're _______ an office block down by the river. (CONSTRUCT)
3.    She _______ the company's policy on the environment. (DEFEND)
4.    She's gone to the bank to _______ some money. (DEPOSIT)
5.    Is he the kind of person to _______ his responsibilities? (EVADE)
6.    I think his reorganisation plan will ultimately _______.(FAIL)
7.    They've _______ restrictions on using the fax. (LIFT)
8.    Share prices _______ ground throughout the day. (LOSE)


Контрольная работа по английскому языку

 Choose the correct word for each sentence. Write the words in the boxes. 

1.    I'll ask my bank manager for advice/ advise about investment.
2.    He first spoke briefly/shortly about the agenda for the day.
3.    She hopes to get a chair/seat on the board.
4.    We check/control each new consignment very carefully.
5.    I enclosed a complements/compliments slip with the catalogue.
6.    Do these cars confirm/conform to the new safety regulations?
7.    You shouldn't read confident/confidential documents!
8.    Normally, she's a very conscientious/conscious worker.
9.    The unions criticised the government's economic/economical policy.
10.    If you pay too much tax you get a discount/rebate.


1.9. (7 x 2 points) Complete each sentence with the correct form of 'TAKE' and a word from the list below. Use each word once only. Translate the sentences into Russian.

home    out

1.    You should _____ _____ an additional policy covering you against accidental damage.
2.    We had to _____ ______ extra staff during the holiday season.
3.    When all the transport costs have been _____ into _____, we have in fact made a loss.
4.    Sales really _____ ______ after the product had been mentioned on television.
5.    A good sales rep can _____ ______ over £500 a week.
6.    If my phone rings, could you ______ the _____ for me?
7.    We must _____ to see that we don't lose our market share as a result of this increased competition.

2. Business Communication. Telephoning and Business Letters.

2.1. (6 x 2 points) Choose the best responses. Write your answers in the boxes.

1. Where are you calling from?
A.    I'm on the phone.
B.    My address is 49, Northwick Street.
C.    This is Mrs Skolnick speaking.

2. Can't you reduce the price for our first order?
A.    There are fewer goods available.
B.    The order is firm.
C.    It may be possible for an initial order.

3. Why is there no one on the premises now?
A.    The building is quite new.
B.    It is after office hours.
C.    The person wanted is on holiday.

4. Would you quote the item number, please?
A.    I have your quote.
B.    Yes, that's the quantity I want.
C.    Wait a moment. I'll just find it.
5. Would you prefer the latter?
A.    Yes, I'd rather pay later.
B.    Yes, I like the suggestion you made in your letter.
C.    Yes, the last suggestion is the best one.

6. We've got some more on order.
A.    So you expect them to come in soon?
B.    So you can't order enough?
C.    So you'll have to order some more?

1    2    3    4    5    6

2.2. (9 x 1 point) Complete these two conversations with sentences from the list below. Use each sentence only once. Write your answers (letters A, B … or I) in the boxes.

A:    London Insurance Ltd. Can I help you?
B:    _______1_______
A:    _______2_______
B:    Thanks very much.
A:    _______3_______
C:    Travel Department.
B:    _______4_______
C:    I see. Could you tell me how long you'll be away?
B:    _______5_______
C:    Right. Will you be outside Europe at all?
B:    _______6_______
C:    Well, we have 10, 20 and 30 day policies so you'll need a 20 day one.
B:    Is it not possible to get cover just for two weeks?
C:    _______7_______
B:    Well, it'll have to be 20 days then. How much will it cost?
C:    _______8_______
B:    Is there an alternative?
C:    _______9_______
B:    But it's better value if I take the full package, I suppose...

A.    No, only in France and Germany.
B.    I'll put you through to our Travel Department.
C.    Good morning. I'd like some insurance for a journey abroad.
D.    I'm afraid not. We only have standard periods.
E.    Yes, I'd like some travel insurance.
F.    Hold the line, please.
G.    For full cover - that's death, injury, delay, baggage and money - £57.50.
H.    For a fortnight, from 19 September,
I.    Well, you could insure each or any of these categories separately.

1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9

2.3. (16 x 2 points) Below you will see parts of four letters concerned with orders. Put the correct word or phrase in each blank. Choose from the following list. Use each item once only. Write your answers (letters A, B … or P) in the boxes.

A.    accept delivery
B.    acknowledge
C.    current issue
D.    following
E.    inconvenience    F.    line
G.    note
H.    postage
I.    range
J.    regret    K.    reserve the right
L.    resume
M.    quotation
N.    stock
O.    supply
P.    terms

With reference to your advertisement in the __ (1) __ of 'Office Monthly', I would like to order 2  Easifix Year Planners.
I enclose a cheque for £15 to include __ (2) __ and packing.

Thank you for your __ (3) __ of 5th July for your "Finesse" __ (4) __ of dining room furniture. We find your __ (5) __ satisfactory and would like to order the __ (6) __
10 "Finesse" dining tables at £280 per item
40 "Finesse" dining chairs at £60 per item
We __ (7) __ that you can supply these items within 30 days and we __ (8) __ not to __ (9) __ after this time.
We should be obliged if you would __ (10) __ receipt of this order.

We thank you for your order of 11th  May for 2 Easifix Year Planners.
This __ (11) __ has proved so popular that we __ (12) __     to inform you that it is temporarily out of stock.
We hope to be able to __ (13) __ supplies within the next ten days.
We apologise for any  __ (14) __ this may cause.

Thank you for your order of 12th July for 10 "Finesse" dining tables and 40 "Finesse" dining chairs.
As we are in a position to __ (15) __ you with the above items from __ (16) __  we have arranged for them to be delivered to you early next week.

1.            9.   
2.            10.   
3.            11.   
4.            12.   
5.            13.   
6.            14.   
7.            15.   
8.            16.   

2.4. (30 points) These are your notes of a telephone call from Mr Kittle. He has placed an order.

Call received

Action    12 January
Mr  Kittle, Demon Marketing, plc
500 A4 plastic wallets (300 clear, 100 yellow,
 100 red)
    Delivery 15 February latest

Notes:  4°/. discount (+ 2% if payment within 30 days).

Confirm in writing.

•    Write a letter to Mr Kittle confirming
—    the phone call
—    the order quantity
—    the delivery date
—    the discount.

•    Write 50-60 words.

Dear Mr  Kittle
Yours sincerely

3. Reading.

3.1. (30 points) Read this text about the People's Bank of Sri Lanka. Translate the text into Russian.

The People's Bank

1.  The People's Bank is one of Sri Lanka's biggest banks with 6.5 million accounts out of a population of 18.3 million. It provides a full range of domestic and international banking services. In particular, it tries to help the weaker sectors of the economy by providing financing and credit. So far, most of the Bank's branches have been situated in the towns.
2.  But now, one of the main objectives of the People's Bank is to improve financial services throughout the whole country. To achieve this goal, the Bank has taken a number of measures, including: opening branches in rural areas, recruiting staff locally and carrying out business dealings in local languages. Above all, it has created a new village-based institution called the 'Rural Bank'.

3.   There are now 1,206 Rural Banks countrywide, with more planned. The People's Bank has identified the needs of the rural sector and has introduced various credit schemes to suit farmers and other rural entrepreneurs. For example, the bank has granted credit for rice cultivation. It is also providing credit facilities to the organisations which buy agricultural produce from farmers. In this way, farmers can sell their crops during the harvesting seasons instead of having to wait or store them.

4.   The People's Bank understands the importance of the Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector in creating employment and encouraging economic activity. Unlike large factory-based centralised enterprises, which go in for mass production of a few products, the small and medium enterprises in the MSME sector cover a wide range of products. A good example of the way in which the People's Bank is assisting industrial development in rural areas is its support for electrification: it has already provided more than Rs 2 billion.

5.   The MSME sector is the fastest-growing sector of the Sri Lankan economy. It is clear, too, that small entrepreneurs are desperate for credit facilities. They are already paying very high interest rates to private lenders. The People's Bank intends to provide credit to these small businesses at attractive rates of interest. The People's Bank is therefore working on a scheme aimed specifically at them. It is called the 'Rural Banking Innovation Project', which will be introduced within the next eighteen months.  It will have a number of financial innovations, including competitive interest rates, linking credit with savings, and repayment of loans in regular instalments.
3.2. (4 x 3 points) Choose from the list A-G the best title for paragraphs 2-5 in the text. Do not use any letter more than once. Give your reasons.

1.    Paragraph 2
2.    Paragraph 3
3.    Paragraph 4
4.    Paragraph 5    A.    Plans for the future
B.    Urban financial services
C.    A new kind of bank
D.    Mass-production and other factory schemes
E.    Helping agriculture
F.    Fixing market interest rates
G.    The importance of investment in rural industries

1    2    3    4

3.3. (4 x 3 points) Using the information in the text, complete each sentence with a phrase A-G from the list below. Do not use any letter more than once. Give your reasons.

1.    Credit facilities for farmers have been introduced to ______.
2.    A characteristic of small-scale rural industries is that they _____.
3.    Small businesses need to be able to _______.
4.    The Rural Bank's policy is to recruit local staff and to      ______.

A.    operate in local languages
B.    increase salaries and other benefits
C.    borrow money at reasonable rates of interest
D.    specialise in factory mass production
E.    make it easier to sell agricultural produce at harvest time
F.    make more money for the government
G.    cover many different kinds of products