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Объяснение грамматики английского языка. Тульский Государственный Университет, ТулГУ.

Грамматика английского языка. Контрольные.

Accommodations - shelter, food, drink and other services for travelers or transients.
Inn – an establishment offering shelter and food for travellers. The term was customary in the days of travel by horse; it has been revived because it conveys an idea of old-fashioned hospitality.
Tavern – in modern usage, a place that serves alcoholic drinks. Formerly, it was an alternate term for an inn.
Motel – a shortened  form  for  motor  hotel.  A motel provides accommodation for the traveller and a parking place for his or her automobile.
Resort – a place or area to which people travel for recreational purposes. 
Hotels are important features of resort areas.
Convention – a meeting of a business or professional group for the purpose of exchanging information, electing officers and discussing.
Deluxe – of a highest quality. Hotels rated as deluxe offer the greatest possible convenience, comfort and service to their guests. Such hotels are often called luxury hotels and are generally the most expensive.
Labour-intensive – requiring a large number of people for the services that are provided by a business or industry. The accommodations industry is labour-intensive.
Luxury hotel –  provides every facility a wealthy guest might need.
Resort hotel – is situated in a place where tourists like to stay, often near the sea, lake or in the mountains. Guests usually book it in advance.
Commercial hotel –  is often situated in a town centre and provides accommodation for travelling businessmen, staying only one or two nights.
Congress hotel – provides everything necessary for large meetings and conferences, with a lecture, theatre and exhibition facilities.
Airport hotel –  provides accommodation for people going to or coming from other countries, usually only staying for one night.
Country house hotel – is situated in pleasant scenery and provides comfortable but informal accommodation for people who want to relax in a quiet place.
Guest house – provides low-priced accommodation, usually on a small scale for holiday visitors or for long-stay guests provide a service to.
 B&B – is a small hotel, a kind of boarding-house, which provides home¬like low-priced accommodation and the morning meal for visitors. The letters B&B stand for "bed and breakfast".
1.  Phonetic Drill - transcribe and pronounce correctly:
Access, facilities, recreation, designed, accommodation, taverns, automobile, inexpensive, extended, resort, scenery, clientele, transients, diversely, convention, urban, luxury, luxurious, merely, furnishings, employee, ratio, maintenance, shelter, hotel, motel, suite, syndicate room, deluxe, ballroom.            
2. Find English equivalents in the text and use them in the sentences of your own:
(I) временный кров (2) предоставлять возможности для отдыха  (3) средства передвижения
(4) разработаны  для  размещения путешественников  (5) индустрия размещения    (6) примитивны по
современным стандартам   (7) отдаленные районы   (8) старомодные гостиницы (9) символ гостеприимства (10) относительно низкие цены (II) требовать большего комфорта  (12) рукотворный (13) предоставлять обслуживание    (14) банкетный зал    (15) качество обслуживания   (16) оборудование и обстановка  
(17) работники (18) вопрос первоначальной важности
3.    Give synonyms to the following words:
(1)  hotel (2) facility (3) accommodation (4) luxurious (5) employee
4.    Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right:
  inexpensive         a)  a means or system of carrying passengers or goods from one place to another
  transportation         b)  a condition of great comfort provided without any consideration of the cost
 accommodation       с) reasonable in price
 luxury        d) things such as buildings, shops or services that are useful or help one to do something
  fashionable        e)  a place to work or live in; lodging, food and services (Am. E)
 facilities     f)  made according to the latest fashion

5. Agree or disagree with the following statements. Give your reasons. 
     Prove your opinion with the quotation from the text.
For disagreement:    For agreement:
- That's not quite right...        - That's right...
-    Oh, no, quite on the contrary...             - Exactly...
-    It says in the text...        - I agree entirely...

(1)    A hotel is a temporary home for people who are travelling.
(2)    The hotel usually does not offer facilities for recreation and never
provide shelter and food.
(3)    By modern standards inns were a sort of luxury hotels with all kinds of
recreational facilities.
(4)    The word "motel" was created by combining motor and hotel; it usually
provides parking facilities for cars.
(5)    All hotel do not serve the same kind of guests.
(6)    Luxury hotel are at the bottom of the list comparing with the other
kinds of hotels.
(7)    The difference in quality between hotels is not entirely a matter of
equipment or furnishings.
* 6.    Fill in the blanks with prepositions:
(1) The hotel may also provide facilities ... recreation. (2) ... Europe and America, inns and taverns were spaced ... the roads ... the distance a horse could travel ... a day. (3) Modern mass transportation, that is, the movement ... large numbers ... people ... relatively low prices, began ... the development ... the railroads ... the 19th century. (4) Another way ... categorizing hotels ... its quality ... service they offer. (5) This system puts the top hotels ... a special deluxe category, ... other receiving ... five stars ... one star or "A's". (6) ... a luxury hotel, there may be three employees ... every guest room. (7) The proportion ... employees ... guests and guest rooms is also a matter ... prime importance. (8) Engineering and maintenance ... a small establishment may be done ... contract ... local firms, whereas a large hotel will hire its own staff... these functions. (9) ... a large commercial hotel ... a big city, the ratio is usually closer ... one employee ... guest room.   (10) The traveller usually had to share his bed
    least one other person, and as many as four other persons ... some
remote areas.
* 7.    Fill in the spaces in the following sentences with the appropriate word or phrase:
(1)    The word motel is a combination of the words ... and ....
(2)    ...  include such things as shelter, food and special services for travellers.
(3)    ...  and ... were places for the accommodation of travellers in Europe and America when most people travel by horse.
(4)    A ... is an establishment that provides not only accommodations for travellers but also parking space for their cars.
(5)    A ... area is a place that people visit for recreational purposes.
(6)    A ... hotel provides accommodations for people who do not wish to keep house themselves.
(7)    The accommodations  industry is  ...  because it employs a large number of people.
(8)    A hotel in the ...  category may employ    as many as three staff members per guest room.
8.    Explain the meaning of the following terms:
Accommodations, inn, motel, resort, luxury hotel, B&B, airport hotel, commercial hotel, guest house, resort, hotel.
9.    Give the detailed retelling of the text.
Phonetic Drill - transcribe and pronounce correctly:
Recreational,  particularly,  advertisement,   horseback  riding,  signature, cocktail lounge, exhibit, isolated, casino, restaurant, sauna, beauty parlour, patio, gear, laundry.
2. Find English equivalents in the text and use them in the sentences of your own:
(1) условия для отдыха (2) выставочный комплекс (3) условия и оборудование для проведения конференций (4) быстро развивающийся курорт (5) сочетать дела и отдых (6) направление (7) реальный доход (8) питание (9) обслуживание в номере (10) законный бизнес (11) катание на лошадях (12) отдых на свежем воздухе (13) развлекать гостей (14) скорее дополнительный, чем основной доход (15) более быстрая и дешевая еда (16) закусочная (17) бар, расположенный у бассейна (18) специальные услуги для деловых людей (19) доступ в Интернет (20) нотариус (21) факсимильный аппарат (22) заверять подписи
3. Give the derivatives to the following words:
(1) modern  (2) to exhibit (3) industry  (4) to provide  (5) to entertain  (6) additional (7) service (8) to include (9) catering (10) luxury
4. Learn synonyms to the following words:
To accommodate (v)
(1)    to make room, lodging - to board, contain, entertain, furnish, house, shelter, take in, welcome.
(2)    To perform service - to afford, aid, assist, benefit, comfort, indulge, pamper, please, provide, supply.

Luxurious (adj) — affluent, indulgent, deluxe, extravagant, fancy, grandiose, lush, magnificent, gratifying, immoderate, lavish, majestic, pretentious, rich, splendid.
Recreation (n) - (sports, games, special interest) - amusement, avocation, disport, enjoyment, ease, diversion, entertainment, festivity, jollity, pastime, playtime, refreshment, relaxation, repose, vacation.
The Oriental in Bangkok is consistently named as one of the top three hotels in the world.
Its 394 rooms are spacious and tastefully decorated. All have private bathroom, air-conditioning. hair-drier, TV with in-house movies, and mini-bar.
Guests have a choice of seven restaurants including the "Normandie Grill" for French cuisine, the "Lord Jim" for seafood, and the "Sala Rim Nam", which serves exotic Thai cuisine.
The Hotel has also two swimming-pools, and across the river is the Oriental's fully-equipped sports complex which offers tennis and squash facilities, a gymnasium, a sauna, a jogging track, and a fitness
There is entertainment most evenings, including a regular disco,
    The informal Argao Beach Club Hotel is the perfect place for a "get-away-from-it-all" holiday. It is hidden in a coconut grove on the beautiful Dalguete coastline in the Philippines.
The white coral beach stretches for 2 km and the hotel's three coves have crystal-clear waters, rich in tropical marine life. The hotel restaurant overlooks the sea and offers both native seafood specialities and a high standard of international cuisine.
The hotel's 135 bedrooms are simply furnished with separate shower and we. air-conditioning, and patio. A full range of watersports is available.
There are also tennis courts, a games room, a sauna, and a Jacuzzi. There is local entertainment with occasional floor shows, and a disco.

Translate into English:

(1)    Зал конгресса находится на расстоянии 5-10 минут ходьбы от гостиниц, в которых будут размещены участники пресс конфереции о грамматике английского языка.
(2)    Очень важно, чтобы рядом с комнатами для заседаний имелись удобные помещения для неофициальных научных дискуссий.
(3) Зал заседаний вмещает 800 делегатов и 500 наблюдателей. Он полностью оборудован для синхронного перевода на шесть языков и для показа слайдов.
(4)    К залу примыкают кабины для прессы. Работа, происходящая в этом зале, транслируется по телевидению на 23 помещения в здании.
(5)    Несколько  небольших помещений будут предоставлены в распоряжение  желающих организовать  неофициальные дискуссии по узким темам.
(6) Помещения для стендовых докладов обеспечиваются следующим оборудованием: столом, дисплеем, письменной доской с белой поверхностью.
(7)    Регистрация участников будет проходить в вестибюле гостиницы.
(8)    Полная информация о работе транспорта из аэропортов и по городу имеется в холле гостиницы.
(9)    Место для  проживания  можно  забронировать  на  территории университета.
(10) Бронирование номера необходимо сделать одновременно с выбором гостиницы.
(11) Стоимость проживания одного человека, включая ужин, номер, завтрак и обед, составляет $ 70.
(12)    Подробная информация о мероприятиях, связанных с конференцией, и предоставляемых услугах включает сведения о месте  и  времени  регистрации участников,  справочном  бюро,
бюро переводов, бюро по передаче сообщений, продаже билетов, общественных мероприятиях, организации питания, транспорта, экскурсий, а также о секретариате, банке по обмену
валюты, месте проведения дружеских встреч и о времени оплаты за гостиницу при выезде из нее.
(13)    Конгресс   создает   предпосылки   для   расширения   дружеских контактов   и   знакомства   с   культурной   жизнью   принимающей стороны.
(14)    Для   проведения   общественно-культурных   мероприятий   для участников конгресса будет выделен специальный транспорт.

1.You cannot talk about the future with as much certainty as you can about the present or the past.
You are usually talking about what you think might happen or what you intend to happen.

This is why you often use modals. Talking about the future you most often use "will".
    Nancy will arrange it. When will I see them?

2..  When you are making predictions about the future that are based on general believes, opinions or attitudes, you use "will":
    The weather tomorrow will be warm and sunny. I'm sure you will enjoy your visit to the Zoo.

This use of "will" is common in sentences with conditional clause:
    You'll he late, if you don't hurry.

When you are using facts or events in the present situation as evidence for a prediction, you can use "going to":
It's going to rain. (I can see black clouds) I'm going to be late. (I have missed my train).
3. When you promise to do something, use "will”:  I’ll ring you tonight.
4. When you are talking about your intentions you use "will" or "going to":
I'm going to stay at home today.

When you are saying what someone else has decided to do you use "going to":
They are going to have a party.

WARNING: You do not normally use "going to" with the verb "to go". You usually just say "I'm going" rather than "I'm going to go".
I'm going to the cinema tonight.

When you are announcing a decision you have just made or are about to make, you use "will":
I'm tired. I think I'll go to bed.
Ex. 1 - What plans have you got for tomorrow? (next weekend, next year). Make notes.
Then, in pairs, take turns to ask and answer questions.
* Ex. 2 - Complete the dialogues below using the verb in brackets with "will" or "going to":
(1)    - Have you decided how to spend the prize money? -
        Well I think we … a new car, but we haven't really decided yet. (buy)
(2)    - Have you decided how to spend the prize money? - Yes, we … a new car. (buy)
(3)    - Did you know Sue is in the hospital? Do you think you could send her a get-well card? -
  I didn't know that. Of course I  .. her a card, (send)
(4)    - I heard yesterday that Sue is in the hospital. - Yes, I know.
  We  … some money at work to send her some flowers, (collect)
(5)    -   Have you got tickets for the concert?   -   Yes. We … on Saturday, (go)
(6)    - Have you got tickets for the concert? - Not yet. But I think we … on Saturday if we can. (go)

Convention - a  large  meeting  of members  of a  political   party  or professional group, which usually happens once a year.
Conference - a large meeting where a lot of people discuss important matters such as business or politics, especially for several days.
Assembly - a group of people gathered together for a special purpose as worship.
Congress - a formal meeting of representatives of societies, countries to exchange information and opinions.
Symposium - a meeting between scientists or other people experienced in a particular subject, in order to talk about a certain area of interest.
 Workshop - an occasion when a group of people meet and work together in order to share and develop ideas about a particular subject or activity (ex. A two-day workshop on management techniques)

... addition, smaller rooms, probably ... a variety ... sizes, are required ... workshops and seminars. (2) Attendance figures normally include only the people who actually register ... the convention and do not take ... account wives or other relatives or friends who may accompany the group members. (3) ... recently, most conventions were held ... one ... a few large cities that were also transportation centres. (4) Most new city hotels have also been designed ... the convention business .. mind.  (5) A convention guarantees a good occupancy rate ... the hotel.. a period      least several days.    (6) ... most people, ... fact, a convention is a combination ... business and pleasure, a chance to get... the usual daily routine. (7) Negotiations ... a convention may take place
.. a long period, particularly today, when the sponsors have numerous
choices and can shop    the best bargains.

To exhibit (v)    =  to  present,   advertise,  demonstrate, display, expose, ≠ to conceal, cover, disguise, hide.
To profit (v)    = to gain, benefit, earn, improve, prosper, score, ≠ to lose.
To arrange (v) = to adapt, adjust, organize, range, rank, regulate, systematize.
                          ≠ confuse, derange, disorder, mix up, disorganize.