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Переведите предложения с английского языка

Переведите предложения с английского языка

Перепишите следующие предложения из контрольной работы по английскому языку,подчеркните в каждом  английский глагол-сказуемое,определите его видовременную форму и залог.

Переведите предложения контрольной работы с английского  на русский язык,учитывая правила согласования времен в английском и русском языках.

В контрольной работе по английскому языку выделите инфинитив и укажите,какую функцию в предложении он выполняет.

Указать,являются ли в предложениях глаголы to be,to do,to have основными,вспомогательными,модальными.
We translated this text without a dictionary.
This story will be published in the magazine.
They have learned 500 new English words.
The lecture had begun when I entered the room.
We shan t have done the work by the end of the year.
I knew that she would come to see me in the evening.
He asked me where I lived.
She said that she had been very busy at that time.
We knew that he  couldn t meet us.
Mike wondered what was happening.
I prefer to read fiction in the original.
He is too nervous to drive a car.
Here is the letter to be mailed as soon as possible.
To take sleeping tablets is harmful.
She stopped to look at the tree.
They have a lot of friends at school.
Have you read this interesting book
It was too late and I had to hurry.
Do you like her new dress?
I do my homework after supper.
He was shown a very interesting book.
Many new houses will be built in our town.
The students will have passed their exams by July.
Nick gets up early.
She is not watching TV now.
We knew that he was playing tennis at that time.
He said that he would return the money next week.
My friend asked me where I had lived before.
I didn t know when he had arrived.
She said her name was Mary.
They promised to inform us of their work.
I ll go to the library to read new magazines.
Here is the plate to be washed immediately.
To tell the truth was very difficult for her.
I only have a few minutes to explain these words to you.
Does she know your address?
The train was to arrive at 10 p.m.
They have some questions to you.
We have received a lot of letters.
My friend is a very good artist.
I have never been to Kiev.
We spoke about our trip yesterday.
The problem was discussed at the lesson.
This house is being built by our students.
My friend will have come to the village by the end of the day.
I knew that he played tennis every day.
John said that he would wait for us on the corner.
We understood that she had lost her glasses.
She thought her father was repairing the bicycle.
He knew that I never drank milk.
He doesnt want to criticize his colleagues.
To read a good book is a real pleasure.
He was the last to leave the burning house.
You must learn hard to know much.
Here are some more facts to prove your theory.
The class is to begin at 10.
It was raining and I had to stay at home.
They dont know her name.
We have a small flat in an old house.
Do you do your morning exercises regularly?

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