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Текст из контрольной работы

1.  a) Переведите текст из контрольной работы письменно;

b) выпишите глаголы и определите их время;

c)  задайте к тексту 5 вопросов различных коммуникативных типов.


Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer, the British food and clothes company, is the most famous British shop in the world. At the moment, there are 283 M&S shops in Britain, and other shops in France, Belgium, Holland, Spain and Portugal. Currently, they are building a new store in Paris. In North America the company owns Brooks Brothers, and there are about fifty stores in Canada. More and more people from Hong Kong to Lisbon are buying the clothes and food from M&S.

The company employs about 50000 people worldwide. Sales have increased by 80% over the last ten years, mainly due to expansion overseas. Many of the shops abroad are franchises. Owners of franchises buy all their stocks from M&S and pay the company a percentage of their turnover.

The clothes vary from country to country. In Thailand, e.g. M&S sell more short-sleeved shirt because of the climate. In Japan they sell smaller sizes because of the average size of the population. In Austria, they stock very large clothes. Food departments sell typically British food: tea. Cake, biscuits, etc., and the shops in Paris are very popular at lunchtime for the sale of sandwiches.

Why is M&S so successful? The standards of quality are very high. All suppliers have regular inspections. All customers can return any item which they think is not satisfactory. Stocks are limited. Shelves lives are short. This means that items only stay in the shop for six to seven weeks. 80% of the suppliers are British; in fact. M&S buy twenty per cent of the total clothesproduced in Britain. Prices are high, so is the quality. In Britain, one man in five buys his suit at M&S and one woman in three buys her underwear there.

What about the future? At the moment the company is studying plans for development in Eastern Europe, Japan and even China, Next century it is possible that one Chinese in five will wear M&S’s suits. Thats a lot of suits!


2. Заполните пропуски текста контрольной работы по английскому языку предлогами, если необходимо.

The Swedish automaker Saab-Scania has announced the setting up … a joint venture to assemble city buses … the Moscow region that will replace some … the capital’s ageing fleet. All parts will be delivered … Sweden. The prototype is expected to be produced … June, and full-scale production will start … October. The company is planning to increase the production volume … 50 buses … 500.

Saab Scania has also signed a deal … another Russian company to set up a repair shop … the Moscow region. Saab’s President, who attended … the official ceremony … Moscow, said that Russia is a promising market … his company’s buses and trucks because their technical characteristics fit … Russian conditions.

3. Употребите глаголы, данные в скобках, в соответствующем времени, лице и числе.

Nissan UK Limited was founded in 1969. At first it (to be) just a trading company. It (to import) cars from Japan and (to sell) them in the UK. In 1970 the company’s share of the UK car market (to be) only 0.2 % but the company (to grow) fast. By 1974 they (to be) the UK’s leading car importer. When the UK (to become) one of Nissan’s main export markets, the company (to decide) to build an assembly  plant there.

 They (to find) a suitable site and in 1986 (to commission) the first production line.

At the beginning the plant’s production (to be) rather small because of the imports restrictions. But by 1988 the plant (to increase) production.

The plant  (to start) assembling cars for the continent as well as the UK. In 1988 they (to export) 11000 cars to Europe. In 1990 the figure (to rise)  to over 100000.


4. Переведите на английский язык:


Россия – это промышленная и сельскохозяйственная страна. Она является крупным экспортером и импортером различных товаров. Россия имеет торговые и экономические отношения с разными странами мира. Как и прежде, российские фирмы ведут бизнес со многими иностранными компаниями. Они экспортируют и импортируют сырье и потребительские товары, а также оказывают содействие клиентам при строительстве объектов. За последнее время страна ввела новые формы торговли и сотрудничества. Много совместных предприятий и акционерных компаний стали выпускать свою продукцию.

Мы видим, что происходят большие изменения в сфере внешней торговли и экономического сотрудничества.