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Тест по английскому языку

Тест по английскому языку.

Работа  для самоконтроля -  английский глагол

1. We ... here at 6 o'clock this morning.
a. get
b. were get
c. got
d. have get
2. I ... TV when the telephone rang.
a. has watched
b. watch
c. was watching
d. watched
3. It's such a lovely day I think ... to the park.
a. I'd go
b. I go
c. I'm going
d. I'll go
4. They ... do very much last night.
a. don't
b. hadn't
c. wasn't
d. didn't
5. In some places ... almost every day
a. it rains
b. there rains
c. rain
d. it's raining
6. He ... the name of his company to Kodak.
a. have changed
b. changed
c. changing
d. change
7. More than forty people ... here waiting for tickets when we arrived.
a. has been standing
b. stand
c. were standing
d. had been standing
8. Water ... at a temperature of 100°C.
a. is boiling
b. boils
c. is to boil
d. boil
9. Unless he hurries up, we ... late for the meeting.
a. are
b. have been
c. were
d. will be
10. Some people ... Star Wars movies seriously.
a. take
b. are taking
c. took
d. takes
11. If she doesn't finish her studies, she ... get a good job.
a. doesn't
b. wouldn't
c. won't
d. hasn't
12. She ... lunch by the time we arrived.
a. finished
b. was finishing
c. finishes
d. had finished
13. She first ... Tom at a Christmas party.
a. meeted
b. meet
c. has met
d. met
14. Mohammed Ali ... his first world title fight in 1960.
a. won
b. has won
c. is winning
d. wined
15. A: When ________? B: On Sunday morning.
a. did they arrive
b. have they arrive
c. did they arrived
d. arrived they
16. It ... hard when I arrived home from work.
a. rained
b. rain
c. was raining
d. is raining
17. Look at those dark clouds. It .... !
a. will rain
b. rains
c. 's going to rain
d. rain
18. I .... English for 2 years now.
a. learn
b. learned
c. am learning
d. have been learning
19. He ... at the bus stop for a long time. He is getting angry.
a. has stood
b. has been standing
c. stands
d. is standing
20. .. you ever ... to Hollywood?
a. Have ... go
b. Did ... go
c. Have ... gone
d. Will ...go

Тест для самоконтроля - пассивный залог в английском языке
1. You must tidy your bedroom.
2. Jenny didn't break the window.
3. Will Kate decorate the bedroom tomorrow?
4. They hadn't cooked dinner by two o'clock.
5. The pop star sang the song.
6. We should eat this cake immediately.
7. Someone is using the computer.
8. Many people speak English.
9. I have to finish my homework tonight.
10. They won't take him home after the party.
11. They open the letters every morning in the office.
12. Do they make bread in this factory?
13. Captain Cook discovered Australia.
14. She was cleaning the office when the boss arrived.
15. Did a dog bite him?
16. Do they produce oil in Spain?
17. An explorer has found a dinosaur egg.
18. The chef hasn't made dinner.
19. Someone left the front door open.
20. The author is writing a new book.

Тест для самоконтроля - модальные глаголы в английском языке
1. ..... I take your order, please?
a. must
b. mustn't
c. may
2. I ..... understand what he was saying because he was speaking Spanish.
a. can't
b. can
c. couldn't
3. You .... visit your grandparents more often.
a. shall
b. ought to
c. were able to
4. We ..... go out for a meal since we sold the car.
a. has been able to
b. can
c. haven't been able to
5. Steve ..... read and write until he was seven.
a. couldn't
b. can't
c. could
6. You ..... eat any ice-cream.
a. mustn't
b. must
c. can

Тест по английскому языку.

7. ...... you ride a bicycle?
a. should
b. can
c. may
8. I ..... remember to go to the bank. I haven't got any money.
a. needn't
b. don't have to
c. must
9. We ....... wake up early tomorrow. It's a holiday.
a. should
b. needn't
c. need to
10. You ..... go to bed late during the week.
a. shouldn't
b. mustn't
c. can
11. ...... you make dinner tonight?
a. shall
b. will
c. may
12. Susan, ..... you come outside and play with me?
a. will
b. shall
c. must
13. The door was locked so I ..... go inside.
a. can
b. wasn't able to
c. will be able to
14. Tom ...... walk when he was one year old.
a. can
b. could
c. can't
15. My brother ..... drive yet. He's to young.
a. can
b. could
c. can't