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Контрольная работа по английскому языку.

Выполнить контрольную работу по английскому языку

Variant II

1.1. Translate the text.
Los Angeles is one of the world's most prominent centers of culture, technology, and international trade, and is home to world-renowned institutions covering a broad range of professional and cultural fields.
The city is situated in a Mediterranean climate or Subtropical zone, experiencing mild, wet winters and warm to hot summers. Breezes from the Pacific Ocean tend to keep the beach communities of the Los Angeles area cooler in summer and warmer in winter than those further inland; summer temperatures can sometimes be as much as 10 °C warmer in the inland communities compared to that of the coastal communities. The warmest month is August, followed by July and then September. Rain occurs mainly in the winter and spring months (February being the wettest month).
The people of Los Angeles are known as Angelenos. Nighttime hot spots include places such as Downtown Los Angeles, Silver Lake, Hollywood, and West Hollywood, which is the home of the world-famous Sunset Strip.
Some well-known shopping areas are the Hollywood and Highland complex, the Beverly Center, Melrose Avenue, Robertson Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica, The Grove, Westside Pavilion, The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center and Venice Boardwalk.
There are three public universities that reside in the city limits: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), California State University, Northridge (CSUN), and California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) and private schools. The community college system consists of nine campuses governed by the trustees of the Los Angeles Community College District.
Los Angeles Unified School District serves almost all of the city of Los Angeles, as well as several surrounding communities, with a student population over 800,000. After Proposition 13 was approved in 1978, urban school districts had considerable trouble with funding. LAUSD has become known for its undefended, overcrowded and poorly maintained campuses, although its 162 Magnet schools to help compete with local private schools. Several small sections of Los Angeles are in the Las Virgenes Unified School District. Los Angeles County Office of Education operates the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. The Los Angeles Public Library system operates 72 public libraries in the city.
1.2.    Read the following sentences and decide if they are true (T) or false
1.    Los Angeles is one of the world's most prominent centers of culture, technology, and international trade.
2.    The city is situated in a Mediterranean climate or Subtropical zone.
3.    The warmest month is July while the wettest month is January.
4.    The people of Los Angeles are known as Angels.
5.    Melrose Avenue is a well-known industrial area.
6.    Night life in Los Angeles is very excited.
7.    There are four universities in the city.
8.    There are a lot of libraries in Los Angeles.
9.    I felt nervous and presented my report not very well.
10.    I am not sure if I will get a good mark for English test because I am
not very good at it.
1.3.    Write sentences, giving some advice, as in the model.
Model:  Henry: I am hungry.
-    If I were you I would go to the university cafeteria.
-    Go to the university cafeteria.
-    You should go to the university cafeteria.

1.    Helen: I have made a lot of mistakes in the test.
2.    Steve: I am not feeling well today.
3.    Ingrid: I am not very good at English.
4.    Kelly: I have never taken part in the conference.
5.    Terry: I would like to set up my own business.
6.    Tom: Mary has a birthday on Sunday.
7.    Mary: I want to learn to drive.
8.    Joe: I don't have much money.
9.    Richard: I like Ann very much.
10.    Violet: I haven't passed the Maths yet.

1.4.    Turn the following direct questions into reported ones.
1.    'When did you go to Spain?' she asked.
2.    'Will the weather be hot tomorrow?' he asked me.
3.    'Do you like your job?' Kelly asked.
4.    'What is your favorite sport?' Bob asked.
5.    'Were you at home yesterday?' I asked my friend.
6.    'Have you ever traveled abroad?' Fred asked me.
7.    'How old were you when you started working?' Henry asked me.
8.    'Are you busy this week?' Ann asked her friend.
9.    'Did you like the film we watched yesterday?' they asked the teacher.
10.    'What project are you working on at the moment?' Mary asked me.
1.5.    Look at the prompts below and use them to make sentences, as in
the model.

Model:  have free time - go to the library
If I had free time, I would go to the library.
1.    not know how to drive - start driving lessons
2.    have a high temperature - go to the doctor
3.    have enough money - set up my own business
4.    the weather be hot and sunny - go to the country
5.    not know the meaning of the word - look it up in a dictionary
6.    get a grant - go to Germany
7.    be interested in computer science - ask for some extra lessons
8.    Kelly not like sport - not go to the gym
9.    Mary like classical music - learn to play the piano
10.    go to Los Angeles - go shopping to Melrose Avenue

1.6.    Choose the correct variant.
1.    A: Fred looks angry.
B: He must / can't be in a hurry.
2.    Don't order / order take away. I have cooked the dinner.
3.    She asked me how old I am / was.
4.    Henry told me / said me that he had sold his computer.
5.    If people stopped / stop smoking, they would be healthier.
6.    You should / shouldn't drink a lot of water every day.
7.    John would start / started the experiment if he had the necessary device.
8.    Look at that man. He has his own driver. He can't / must be a builder.
9.    I couldn't / can't read until I was seven.
10.    Nancy wanted to know when I would / will finish my Diploma project.
1.7.    Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition.
1.    The climate .   the south .   the country is subtropical.
2.    The head .   the faculty is appointed .   the rector of the university.
3.    The center .   the city is famous .   the numerous old buildings.
4.    The shopping area is situated not far .   the railway station.
5.    This scientist is well-known .   the sphere . telecommunication.
6.    The population .    the United Kingdom is more than 60 million people, . total.
7.    We usually celebrate the Day .the University . September.
8.    The plan .   the term was signed .   the teachers .   the faculty.
9.    According .   statistics, football has eclipsed the other sports . ever.
10.    The faith .   people is the most important .   the development . the
1.8. Choose the correct variant and complete the following sentences.
1.    Bob couldn't play golf when he was nineteen but he ... do it now quite well.
a) can    b) will be able    c) could
2.    Mary asked what time I .   leaving the following day.
a) will be    b) am    c) was
3.    Angela always listens to rock music. She .   be interested in pop music.
a) might    b) must    c) can't
4.    I would join the university scientific society if I .   the computer science.
a) like    b) will like    c) liked
5.    Don't ... to close the window when you leave the classroom.
a) remember    b) forget    c) know
6.    Nick said that he .   to the self-study room.
a) has never been   b) would never be      c) had never been
7.    Ann .   that she had discussed the problem with the authorities of the university..
a) told    b) said    c) asked
8.    What places ... if you were in Los Angeles.
a) would you visit   b) did you visit    c) will you visit
9.    Kelly asked me if I ... to a party the previous weekend.
a) had gone    b) would go    c) went
10.    Fred told me that he would phone me . .
a) the next evening     b) today    c) the following day
11.    Lilly asked me where . strawberries.
a) did I buy    b) I bought    c) do you buy
12.    I couldn't play the guitar ten years ago ... now I can't do it quite well.
a) and    b) but    c) because

13.    Steve ... me that he was looking for a better job..
a) said    b) told    c) asked
14.    She doesn't talk a lot. She ... be a very talkative person.
a) must    b) can't    c) would
15.    If she .   more responsible, she would be better in her exams.
a) were    b) is    c) would be
1.9.    Translate the following sentences.
1.    «Вы умеете играть на фортепиано?» - спросила Анна.
2.    Я думаю, что вы могли бы выполнить контрольную работу по английскому языку.
3.    Позвоните мне попозже, когда я буду дома.
4.    Если бы вы включили результаты эксперимента в свою диплом¬ную работу, вы могли бы участвовать в конференции.
5.    Что бы произошло, если бы вы не умели пользоваться компьютером?
6.    Боб сказал, что у него три деловые встречи на этой неделе.
7.    Должно быть, я не имею информации об этом человеке. Не могли бы вы рассказать мне о нем подробно?
8.    Если бы я был на вашем месте, я бы отправил сообщение об из-менении даты по электронной почте.
9.    Не может быть, что он не умеет играть в волейбол. Он сказал, что занимался волейболом в школе.
10.    Я спросил Анну, знают ли её родители, что она живет в обще¬житии.

1.10.    Complete the following sentences about yourself.
1.    If I got up earlier . .
2.    My friend would start .   if . .
3.    I could .   when I was ten .   and now I . .
4.    My parents would ... if they ... .
5.    Don't ... when you ... .
6.    The authorities of the university should ... .
7.    If I were the President, I ... .
8.    If I taught English, I ... .
9.    The head of the faculty must be .   because he . .
10.    I would never use the computer if . .

Выполнение контрольной. Английский язык.