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Выполнение тестов по английскому

Проверочные тесты контрольной по английскому

1) Franklin began working on the project _______ yesterday.
1) in
2) on
3) at
4) –

2) Do you want to stop now?
1)Yes. I'm going down the pub.
2) It depends on what I'm doing that day. Usually about 7.30.
3) Sure. I never fail to. I want to stay informed.
4)It's OK. I'm not enjoying my present project very much.

3) Do you earn enough?
1)Yes. I'm going down the pub.
2)Sure. I never fail to. I want to stay informed.
3)I'm only staying until I find something better.
4) No way. I'm not at all happy with it.

4) Times are hard so we .......... 50 people redundant.
1)are making
2) make
3)are doing

5) Things are really great. Business ..........
1) is booming
3)is thundering

6) I hear that the company has closed. I knew they had financial problems but I didn't expect them to go ______ .
1) under
3) with
5) over to

7) At that moment, the hostess .......... that the plane was delayed because of bad weather.
1) announced
2) called
3) spoke

8) However, there .......... production problems.
1) had
2) wanted
3) needed

9) I _________ (to have, not) this much fun since I ________ (to be. a kid).
1) haven't had, was
2) didn't have, had been
3)didn't have, have been
4) don't have

10) and I .......... at the airport with 30 minutes to spare.
1) went
2) terminated
3) reached

11) You remember me, ______ you?
1) do
3) did

12) How long ago did she arrive?
1) I'm sorry. I didn't realise that it was confidential.
2)I did. Can you put him though on my phone?
3) Tuesday, I think.
4)At least fifteen minutes.

13) I've never .......... as much work on as at present.
1) presented
2) had
3) fed up with
4) stood in front of

14)We ______ really have an answer, I'm afraid.
3) did

15) I've .......... off ill as well.
1) been
2) seen
3) run
4) set

16)___________________ to him last week.
1) I spoke
2) I've already spoken
3) I didn't spoke
4)I speaked

17)We usually have a lot of staff illness .......... the winter period.
1) for

18) If I were in your position,
1)I'd resign rather than wait to be sacked.
2)I'd have a lot of problems getting another one.
3) you'd be more aware of what people really felt.
4)we wouldn't be so behind technologically.

19) This process was ______ by one of my colleagues and we hold a patent on it.
2) asked
3) taught
4) left
5) stolen

20) I was ______ how to play golf by my father, who was a good amateur.
1) sacked
2) asked
3) taught
4) opened
5) stolen