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Задание контрольной работы по английскому языку

Задание контрольной работы по английскому языку

Задание 1:
Напишите множественное число- coach; departure; the terminal yard; i am the sleeping car; this train; that yard.
Напишите A или AN перед нужным словом- effect; train.
Укажите глагол am, is, are: The man__from the thought train.
Составьте вопросы: She is a train guide.
Составьте отрицательное предложение: They are locomotive drivers.
Укажите this(these) в вопросе, is(are) в ответе: Are___bogies? Yes, those___bogies.
Укажите have\has: The conductor__whell report. Wheel reports__member of each car.
Укажите is\are: All metal cars__equipped with good asoustic insulation.
Укажите do\does\am\are\is: ___maintenance of equipment a serious problem?
Укажите don't\doesn't\am not\aren't\isn't: BAM___built now.
Задайте вопрос к предложению: Train automatically identifies itself.

Задание 2:
-Прочтите текст и выпишите из него специальные термины, сделав ихперевод на русский язык.
-Переведите текст контрольной работы с английского
-Найдите в тексте и запишите на английском и русском языке предложения, содержащие понятие: промежуточные парки.
-найдите в тексте ответ на вопрос: How are the cars classified or sorted?

Movement Of Freight Traffic
Movement of freight starts at the initial terminal where the train is made up in the classification yard.
Here cars are classified or sorted, those for the same destinations being collected in groups or blocks. These are assembled on a departure track.
The number of cars assigned to a train is related as nearly as possible to the tonnage capacity of the locomotive. After assembling the various blocks of cars on the track from which the train is to leave, they are coupled up with air brake connections, then tested and inspected.
Defective cars are quickly repaired; if this requires more time than is available such cars are cut out and dispatched in a later train.
The engine crew boards the train at the locomotive terminal. They pick up the caboose with the train and attach it to the rear end of the train, or a yard engine may handle the caboose.
Prior to leaving the yard terminal office the freight conductor receives a series of sheets called billing*1, which show the number, character and destinations of each car in his train, and checks the train for correct make-up or consist.*2
When the train is ready to move, a signal from the conductor to the engineer starts it on its way. Except for stops fore water or fuel a through freight train will run normally to the next intermediate terminal without stop or change in its consist.
The conductor makes out what is called wheel report*3, listing the initials and numbers of each car, weight of the car, weight of lading and the points between which the train moves it. These wheel reports are the records from which the car accountant keeps trach of car movement*4 and the statistical departament of the railroad compiles freight train and traffic statistics.
At intermediate terminals cars consigned to destinations within the particular territory are cut of the train. New cars at intermediate terminals may be added. The train progresses by successive stops though other intermediate terminals to final destinations, where it moves to the terminal yard.
At that point cars are classified for delivery to the various industries, the operation being carried out by local yard crew.

*1- До ухода из конторы сортировочного парка проводник грузового поезда получает документацию(так называемые ведомости)
*2- проверяет на сколько правильно сформирован состав
*3-дорожная ведомость
*4-следит за продвижением вагонов