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Задания на контрольную работу по английскому языку

  Задания на контрольную работу по английскому языку по теме Деловое письмо.
Business Letter
Task 1.
Give the Russian equivalent of the Business Letter.



P.O. Box ICI4, S-651 Karlstad; Sweden,
Telephone; 54 17 10 00.
Telex: 66181 vide s,
Telefax: 54 18 15 77.
Your Ref:
Our Ref: NV/sk
3 November 19... Collins Paper Supplies 7 Bond Street Sydney Australia
Dear Sirs
Finish Valmet and Swedish KMW — two of the world's leading paper machine
manufacturers have joined hands to form Valmet-KMW AB. A superb partnership
in the area of tisane, board and' pulp drying machines as well as the multilayer
Comprehensive research facilities and product know-how, a wide range,, of
experience and efficient production facilities are some of the advantages which
will directly benefit the r-customer. We aim to be equally effective with new
deliveries and with optimizations of existing equipment. Please find enclosed our
new catalogues and do not hesitate to contact us at the above address.

Yours faithfully

Nils Vikstrom President

Sample 2

Your Ref:
Our Ref: TM/ng 5 Julv 19...
Asia Bank
23 Soi Saladaeng
Dear Sirs
Olympia today is one of the largest internationally famous industrial and financial groups in the USA.
Olympia Heavy industries, Ltd. is America's lead ing manufacturer of ships and material handling equipment, construction machinery, iron and steel making equipment, presses, chemical plants, speed variators and reducers, prime movers and steel structures and bridges as well as many other kinds of machinery and equipment for various industries.

Olympia Heavy Industries, Ltd. at present has modern manufacturing facilities in seven states of the USA, each specialised in the manufacture of different products, in order to give you an idea of the capacity of our organisation, we are enclosing our comprehensive illustrated brochure. Yours faithfully

Tony Merchant

Task 2.
Are these addresses correct?
What changes should be made?
Give the proper variant.

Mathews & Wilson Ladies" Clothing General Manager 75 High Street Glasgow 411563 Scotland W13

Chicago, I Lin. 1562 21 Conduit Street W. & T. Avery Limited Mr. Simpson


Rewrite the letter frame. Name the elements circled.

2 3
6 7 8
9 9
10 ,. 10
Task 4
Discode the following abbreviations
I. NY-
2. St-
3. aq-
4. C.O.D.-
5. f.o.t-
6. &-
7. Ltd.-

Task 5
Guided letter writing.

Mr. Paolo Barbiere Export Manager
ENTI Group

Mr. V. Fadin Department of foreign Economic relations Machine-building


117 Via Veneto

36 Mir Avenue Irkutsk Russian Federation

The representative of the Russian firm Mr. V.Fadin receives a letter from Mr. Paolo Barbiere and writes a reply in which he:
- acknowledges receipt of Mr. P. Barbiere`s notification of readiness;
- Informs his partner that representative of there plant Mr. A. Ivanov will go to Italy to take part m the tests on 15 July.