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Задания по английскому языку. Сибирская Академия Государственной Службы.

Задания по английскому

ЗАДАНИЕ 1.    Переведите на русский язык текст с заданиями по английскому:

Britain has the oldest Parliament in the world. This institution has changed over the centuries and has reflected the class structure and economic basis of feudal and capitalists societies. Parliament is held in the Palace of Westminster. This tradition dates back to Saxon times when the king called to this place a group of powerful barons who discussed with him matters of state. The king often argued with them for his power and money. In 1215 King Henry III refused to accept Magna Carta. A group of powerful barons supported him. But Symon de Monfort defeated them and in 1265 called the first Parliament. From that time the king summoned Parliament arid representatives of counties and cities together with the King's advisers from the clergy, and his supporters among the feudal barons met together. As the class differences between the representatives and aristocracy became more marked, the division into the «Lords» and the «Commons» took place. In the middle of the last century the House of Commons was a centre of real political power. Since those days the growth of the power of the Cabinet, based on the development of the modern party system has brought about a fundamental change. The House of Commons is still the centre of the political stage; but it isn't the centre of the real political power. The House of Commons doesn't control the Cabinet, the civil service or the armed forces. It is in fact a forum for criticism of the Government and for getting the information. People outside Great Britain believe that if they elect the man to sit in the Parliament he has a seat there. But the House of Commons has seats for only about two thirds of its members. Thus on great occasions when the House is full, members have to sit in the gangways. Only four members of the House of Commons have reserved seats: the Speaker, the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and the member who is in the Parliament for the longest unbroken period. Ministers sit on the front bench, but have no right to any particular seat there.

ЗАДАНИЕ 2.   Выпишите из текста
а)  5 предложений, в которых использовано время  Present Simple;
б)  5 предложений, в которых использовано время Past Simple.

ЗАДАНИЕ 3. Переведите на английский язык:
а)  Британский парламент – древнейший в мире.
б) Заседания парламента проводятся в Вестминстерском дворце.
в)  Первый парламент был созван в 1265 году
г) В английском парламенте две палаты - палата лордов и палата общин.
д) Палата общин не контролирует  работу кабинета министров.
е) Только четыре члена Палаты Общин имеют постоянные места в Парламенте.
ж) Министры сидят на передней скамье, но не имеют закрепленных за ними специальных мест.

Вставьте пропущенные формы глагола  TO BE
 Let me introduce myself.
My full name … Petrova Anna Ivanovna.
I  … fifty five years old.
I … a corrector in our local newspaper.
Our newspaper  … very popular in the town where I live.
We …usually the first in all ratings.

B. This …my family
We … five – my husband, three children and me.
My husband …a doctor.
His clinic … the best in Kursk and my husband … one of the best           doctors.
I … very proud of him.
Our children … students.
They … students of the Kursk Social Institute.
It … a branch of the Russian State Social University.
They … economy students.
They  ...  …economists in a year.
We … happy people.