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Контрольная работа по английскому языку. Институт Заочного Обучения.

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4.1. Read the following words and expressions and pay attention to the
excellent results
отличные результаты
the Red Diploma
диплом с отличием
according to smth.

english test

контрольная работа по английскому языку

в соответствии с чем-либо,
на основании чего-либо
известный, знаменитый
to invite
to get education
получить образование
to enter the university
поступить в университет
telecommunication devices
a school leaver
выпускник школы
a dean of the faculty
декан факультета
to retire
уйти на пенсию, в отставку
a dean’s office
Henry finished his project with excellent
You don’t have an interview if you get the
Red Diploma.
According to statistics the number of
university students in our city is the biggest.
Our faculty is well-known as it offers
prestigious specialties.
The dean of the faculty invites some foreign
students every year.
I would like to get education abroad.
Our English teacher is a highly qualified
specialist in language teaching.
I passed three exams and entered the
The department of telecommunication
devices is one of the oldest ones in the
80 % of school leavers entered the
universities of our city.
The dean of our faculty is Dr. Ferry.
My father retired two years ago.
A dean’s office is a residence of the dean
and his secretary.
отзывчивый, готовый по-
a department
отделение, кафедра
to have an opportunity
иметь возможность
to offer
theoretical and practical
теоретические и практиче-
ские знания
Fourier analyses
анализ Фурье (предмет)
linear system theory
теория линейных систем
probability theory
теория вероятности
известный, знаменитый
to take part
принимать участие
an industrial enterprise
промышленное предприятие
All the teachers of the university are very
In 1978 there were only two departments:
a department of telecommunication systems
and a department of radioelectronic
You have an excellent opportunity to
study better.
Moscow state university offers a lot of
The students’ level of theoretical and
practical knowledge is really high.
We didn’t know anything of Fourier
analyses at school.
Linear system theory is one of the most
interesting subjects at our university.
We got some basis of probability theory at
the college.
There are a lot of famous places I would
like to visit.
Every year a lot of students take part in
international conferences.
All the students of the faculty have to work
at industrial enterprises.
4.2. Read the text and choose the name of the faculty the text
is about.
1. The Faculty of Computer Design.
2. The Radioengineering Faculty.
3. The Faculty of Electronic Devices.
Our faculty is thirty-five years old. Three thousand students have studied at our faculty
and graduated from it with good and excellent results. Five hundred of them got the
Red Diplomas. One thousand three hundred students found the jobs according to
their specialties. Since 1998 a well-known university of Germany has been inviting
five best students of the faculty to get education in Germany. All the graduates are
highly-qualified specialists in the sphere of telecommunication. The third part of
school leavers would like to be the students of our faculty as it is very prestigious to
study here and to get an excellent education as well as a good future specialty.
The name of the first dean was Mr. Brown and he had been the dean of the faculty for
fifteen years. In 2005 he retired and now the dean of the faculty is Dr. Harris. He is a
PhD in Mathematics and Physics. He is also the head of the radioelectronic company
that make computers and other radioengineering devices. The dean’s office is on the
second floor. The authorities of the faculty are always friendly and helpful.
In 1975 the faculty had 2 departments: a Department of Telecommunication Devices
and a Radioengineering Department. Now there are five departments and sixteen
specialties. I am a student of the Department of Telecommunication Devices and I like
studying there a lot. Ten years ago students didn’t have such opportunities as we are
having now. The faculty offers to get theoretical and practical knowledge in the
sphere of radioengineering and telecommunication. We have some special subjects
which are connected with the future job such as Fourier analyses, linear system
theory, linear algebra and fiber optics. Differential equations and probability theory
have always been the most difficult subjects.
The students of our group entered the university three years ago. Now we are the
fourth-year students of the most famous faculty of the university. Each of us has
already had an opportunity to take part in conferences as well as has had some
practical experience in some industrial enterprises. So, most of us have already
chosen the place of work. We hope that our future job will be connected with the
specialty we have been getting for five years.